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Latest News 9/2019  

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September 30, 2019
Results of 116. FHW-Auction now online!

Dear collector, Thank you very much for the participation in our auction. Our 116th FHW-Auction was very successful - total hammer price near 215,000 Euro. The unique founder share of Draht-Fabrik-Compagnie 1832 (lot 1041) was sold for 13,500 Euro (starting price 12,500 Euro) and the old stock of Cie. General de Comercio de los cinco Gremios Mayores 1773 (los 592) was sold for 11,000 Euro (starting price 8,000 Euro). Unfortunately the Generali founder share (lot 415) was unsold for 14,000 Euro. All results of the FHW-Auction are online. 714 lots from the sale already found a new owner. But some fantastic items are still available. First come - first serve. Place your bids NOW at just the starting price. Unsold lots available till November 3rd, 2019...


September 24, 2019
116. FHW-Auction on Sept. 28th, 2019 in Frankfurt // Only 4 days left for online bidding!

Dear collector, 1,657 valuable collectible stocks & bonds from all over the world. Total start price near 440,000 Euro. We are proud to offer you fantastic unique and rarity items from all over the world. The highlight in the european part is lot 415, a fantastic founder stock from the Generali Insurance Company, Trieste 1832 - starting price only 14,000 Euro. In our american part you will find plenty of previous unkown, unlisted and rare US Railroad stocks and bonds. Futhermore you will find plenty of outstanding items in all parts of our catalog. Only 4 days left to place a bid via Internet. Online bids are possible until 11:59 p.m. (MEZ) on Friday, September 27th, 2019. The 116th FHW Auction will be held again at the elegant NH Hotel Frankfurt-City located in the heart or Germany`s financial metropolis. Come to these big event - it will be worth it! We are looking forward to seeing you at our show.



Sensation! Älteste deutsche Aktie wird für 72.000 € bei FHW versteigert

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Vereinsbank zu Mülsen St. Jakob
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