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January 24, 2024

125th FHW Auction now online!

Dear collector friends, You can now view the lots on our FHW website Date: March 2, 2024 The auction starts at 9 a.m. (CET).

Take a look through either the online list catalog or the attractive pdf sheet catalog and enjoy the huge selection of exactly 2,000 lots from all over the world.

Allow me to draw your attention to some of the highlights of the 125th FHW Auction.

Lot 1201: Münchener Trambahn-AG, the founder's share for 400 marks from 1882, a very important piece of paper for the transportation history of the city of Munich. Only 5 pieces were found in an estate in 2022. Most recently, a piece was sold at the Gutowski auction house for 6,000 euros. We are starting this auction with a starting price of 4,000 euros.

Lot 917: Another highlight is a share 200 Thaler from 1881 from Deutsche Bank. Only 4 pieces of this rarity are known to us. At the time of issue, the board of directors included well-known personalities: Government Councillor Jonas R. Koch, Dr. Georg von Siemens, Max Steinthal and Hermann Wallich. Kommerzienrat Delbrück from the well-known Berlin private banking house signed in facsimile as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. The starting price is 9,000 euros.

Lot 1013: The top item in this auction is Gesellschaft für Spinnerei & Weberei in Ettlingen. Founder's share for 1,000 guilders from 1838. Only two copies of the founder's share, which was completely unknown as an exhibited piece until recently, were found in 2019 in the estate of a traditional Bremen cotton merchant. Starting price: 10,000 euros.

Lot 24 (or 25 to 137). From our collector friend Sven Lychatz comes a magnificent Palestine collection like no other. It reflects the political, religious and cultural problems of an entire region. The collection contains 128 papers, divided into 113 auction lots. The starting bid is 20,000 euros and includes a hefty discount of over 13%. It would certainly not be in Sven Lychatz's interest to tear apart this collection, which has been lovingly assembled over 30 years. Only if no one is interested in this fantastic collection will we proceed to an individual auction.

As always, bids can be submitted by post, e-mail or via the bidding function on our FHW-website. Of course, you can also watch the event live on the day of the auction via the Internet and bid directly. You can find out how this works here:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Michael Rösler - Phone +49-(0)5331-9755-21

Best regards
Michael Rösler



Sensation! Älteste deutsche Aktie wird für 72.000 € bei FHW versteigert

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New Haven & Northampton Railroad
New Haven & Northampton Railroad
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