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FHW Auction catalog 86  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

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All prices are in Euro
LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
1Addison & Pennsylvania Railway01.10.1892260,00260,00
2Alabama & Vicksburg Railway11.06.1910140,00unsold
4American Agricultural Chemical Co.01.01.1920120,00unsold
5American Airports Corp.16.09.1929100,00unsold
6American Beet Sugar Co.01.01.1905120,00120,00
7American Button Hole Overseaming & Sewing Machine Co.27.01.188170,0075,00
8American Exploration Co.01.10.190675,0075,00
9American Express Co.01.04.1863900,00unsold
10American Fibre Association15.11.188975,00unsold
11American Peat Fuel Co.01.08.1871100,00120,00
12American Piano Co.01.01.1920120,00unsold
13American Sugar Co.15.02.1864240,00360,00
14American Sumatra Tobacco Co.01.06.192080,0085,00
15American Union Telephone Co.01.08.190785,00unsold
16Armory Ass., First Regiment Cavalry I.N.G.01.01.1882175,00unsold
17Army & Navy Co-Operative Co.23.03.191550,0055,00
18Athenaeum of Philadelphia17.09.1867100,00unsold
19Athens National Bank08.03.1918100,00100,00
20Atlanta Union Central Agricultural Society15.09.1868150,00unsold
21Atlantic and Pacific Mining & Tunnel Co.12.03.1881260,00unsold
22B. Manischewitz Co.06.11.198060,0060,00
23Bald Mountain Mining Co.30.11.188085,00unsold
24Bank of Logan & Trust Co.18.03.1929100,00110,00
25Bank of Pensacola29.04.1835180,00180,00
26Bank of Pittsburgh07.03.1927120,00unsold
27Bank of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Co.15.02.1844100,00120,00
28Bank of West Hollywood24.08.1928100,00unsold
29Banking House E. H. Horner01.01.1887450,00unsold
30Bear Creek & Western Railway30.07.1909175,00175,00
31Bell & Howell Co.01.01.196440,00unsold
32Bendix Helicopter Inc.30.12.1947175,00unsold
33Big Stick Gold Mining Co.19.05.1908200,00unsold
34Black Mountain Railway28.08.1906180,00180,00
35Bolivia Trading Company28.01.190390,00unsold
36Bonanza Development Co.07.03.1902100,00unsold
37Boston Lodge No. 10, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks01.04.1925150,00unsold
38Boulder Consolidated Gold and Silver Mining Co.29.12.1881160,00unsold
39Brady’s Bend Iron Co.12.06.1867350,00370,00
40Brandon Island Oil Co.03.01.1865240,00unsold
41Buckingham Slate Co. of Virginia29.02.186865,00unsold
42Bull & Bear Group Inc.11.04.199845,00unsold
43Bullychoop Gold Mining Co.31.10.190860,00unsold
44Burlingame Telegraphing Typewriter Co.27.01.1910250,00unsold
45C.N. Nelson Lumber Co.08.07.189685,0085,00
46Callaway Mining & Manufacturing Co.01.04.1858250,00255,00
47Cambria & Clearfield Railway01.08.1903250,00unsold
48Carbon Run Improvement Co.18.04.1855250,00250,00
49Central Airport Inc.10.11.1930250,00unsold
50Central of Georgia Railway29.09.1930180,00unsold
51Champion Spark Plug Co.01.01.1920175,00unsold
52Cherryvale Oklahoma & Texas Railway01.07.190875,0075,00 v
53Chicago & Cincinnati Railroad15.10.186090,00110,00
54Cincinnati, Selma & Mobile Railway22.03.1890250,00unsold
55City of Madison02.08.190085,00unsold
56City of New Brunswick01.11.187750,0050,00
57Cleveland & Colorado Cattle Co.23.03.1886600,00unsold
58Cleveland, Painsville & Ashtabula Railroad05.04.185675,00unsold
59Cohoes Company01.04.187195,00unsold
60Colorado Central Railroad15.01.18801.000,001.000,00
61Command Airways Inc.30.11.196875,00unsold
62Commercial Telephone Co.20.08.1901175,00unsold
63Commonwealth Oil Co.22.12.1864180,00unsold
64Company for erecting a Permanent Bridge over the River Susquehanna10.12.1814175,00unsold
65Confederate States of America, Cr. 56 (R8) - Ball 52 (R5-)06.03.1862180,00unsold
66Connecticut Telephone Co.10.05.1881180,00unsold
67Consolidated Electric Storage Co.01.08.189070,00110,00
68Cripple Creek Lodge No. 316 B.P.O.E.01.01.1896350,00unsold
69Crusader Aircraft Corp.13.03.1936200,00unsold
70D. Knowlton & Company20.10.187285,00unsold
71Dakota Pacific Railroad15.05.1899200,00220,00
72Danville, Mocksville & Southwestern Railroad03.02.1899280,00280,00
73David Music Publishing Co.29.08.1916125,00unsold
74Denver & Rio Grande Railroad17.01.191090,0090,00 v
75Denver, Texas & Fort Worth Railroad31.08.1887350,00unsold
76Dillonvale & Smithfield Railway11.10.192690,00unsold
77Doehler-Jarvis Corp.11.02.194640,0041,00
78Dow Chemical Co.01.01.195040,0040,00
79Du Pont Motors, Inc.07.05.19231.000,00unsold
80Dundee Coal Co.13.04.185785,00unsold
81Dunkard Creek Oil Co.26.11.1864200,00unsold
82Dutch Guiana Gold Co.22.04.1907300,00unsold
83Eagle-Macomber Motor Car Co.16.08.1916325,00unsold
84East Bannack Gold and Silver Mining Co.20.12.1873300,00unsold
85East Boston Dry Dock Company25.11.1869250,00250,00
86East St. Louis Belt Railroad31.05.1899150,00unsold
87East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railway06.12.1886125,00125,00
88Eastern & Western Air Line Railway Co.19.04.188690,00110,00
89eBay Inc.12.09.2002120,00unsold
90Elizabethtown & Paducah Railroad01.05.1873200,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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