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FHW Auction catalog 114  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
1Alaska Treadwell Gold Mining Co.22.07.1890150,00150,00
2Alexandria & St. Louis Railway17.06.1893250,00290,00
3American Arch Co.18.11.194960,00unsold
4American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association01.01.1899120,00120,00
5American Palace Car Co.18.01.1910280,00unsold
6American Patent Smoking Pipe Co.17.06.1867280,00unsold
7Androscoggin Railroad31.03.185760,0075,00
8Ann Arbor Railroad12.03.1920120,00unsold
9Aransas Pass Harbor Co.12.08.1895200,00unsold
10Aransas Pass Harbor Co.01.01.1896150,00unsold
11Armory Ass., First Regiment Cavalry I.N.G.01.01.1882150,00170,00
12Asheville & Spartanburg Railroad23.06.1902450,00unsold
13Atlanta Union Central Agricultural Society15.09.1868100,00unsold
14Atlanta & West Point Railroad08.01.1889100,00100,00
15Atlanta & West Point Railroad18.05.1901100,00130,00 v
16Atlantic Coast Steamship Co. of Florida01.01.188075,0080,00
17Aurora, Elgin & Chicago Railway15.04.190160,00unsold
18Auto Motive Tractor Corp. of America24.12.191980,0080,00
19Automatic Spring Motor Car & Carriage Co.14.11.1884240,00unsold
20Bailey Run, Sugar Creek & Athens Railway02.01.1931120,00140,00
21Baltimore & Ohio Railroad04.07.1835120,00unsold
22Bank of North America13.04.1832250,00250,00
23Bank of the United States of America14.04.1830150,00280,00
24Barnum Engineering Co.14.05.1909100,00unsold
25Bendix Aviation Corp.160,00unsold
26Big Sandy & Kentucky River Railway16.05.1919100,00unsold
27Birmingham & Southeastern Railway01.05.191150,00unsold
28Borindum Extraction Co.01.12.1910120,00120,00
29Boynton Bicycle Electric Railway01.05.1897400,00unsold
30Bridge over the river Susquehanna at or near Harrisburg26.08.1812250,00unsold
31Burlingame Telegraphing Typewriter Co.27.01.1910125,00125,00
32Burrows Train Controll Co. (2 Stücke)120,00unsold
33California Vineyards Co.13.08.192560,0075,00
34Canton & East Liverpool Railway Co.03.03.191760,00unsold
35Cape May & Millville Railroad21.04.1879120,00120,00
36Carolina & Northwestern Railway15.07.189780,00unsold
37Central of Georgia Railway07.07.190380,00unsold
38Charleston Insurance & Trust13.04.1846240,00240,00
39Chesapeake & Ohio Northern Railway18.09.1916120,00unsold
40Chestatee Hydraulic Co.14.01.1861180,00unsold
41Chicago, St. Louis & Paducah Railway08.06.1887150,00160,00
42Christmas Wonder Mining Co.17.05.1907150,00unsold
43Cie. du Chemin de fer de Memphis, El Paso & au Pacific (Memphis, El Paso & Pacific Railroad)23.01.1868250,00unsold
44Cigar Machine Corp. of America17.11.191460,00unsold
45Cincinnati & Eastern Railway Co.01.12.1881350,00370,00
46Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis & Chicago Railway28.03.188980,00unsold
47Cincinnati, Peru & Chicago Railway01.03.1855250,00unsold
48Cleveland & Colorado Cattle Co.23.03.1886350,00unsold
49Clinton Coal & Iron Co.18.10.187080,00unsold
50Colebrook Valley Railroad01.01.1886200,00240,00 v
51Colt's Manufacturing Co.22.09.195440,00unsold
52Columbus Zoological Company11.04.1903600,00unsold
53Commercial Telegram Co.04.06.1885250,00unsold
54Commonwealth of Massachusetts01.05.189675,00unsold
55Connecticut Telephone Co.10.05.1881120,00120,00
56Denver Rifle Club Association08.01.1906125,00unsold
57Detroit, Bay City & Alpena Railroad03.06.1887250,00250,00
58Detroit, Monroe & Toledo Railroad01.01.1861130,00140,00
59Dickson Car-Wheel Co.08.08.1901200,00unsold
60Dubuque & Sioux City Railroad01.01.1863100,00unsold
61Dubuque & Sioux City Railroad31.12.188680,00110,00
62Duluth Short Line Railway02.06.1890150,00unsold
63Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railway21.05.1888450,00470,00
64Edison Portland Cement Co.29.08.189975,00unsold
65Elizabethtown & Paducah Railroad01.05.1873100,00120,00
66Erie & Black Rock Railroad21.08.190080,00unsold
67Escanaba, Iron Mountain & Western Railroad01.11.189080,00unsold
68Fall River Iron Works Co.11.08.1828400,00unsold
69Farming & Fruit Land Co.08.04.1889120,00unsold
70First National Bank of Brattleboro01.07.1866400,00440,00
71First National Bank of the City of Brooklyn18.11.186580,0080,00
72Fort Knox Silver Mining Co.06.02.1880150,00unsold
73Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania for Promotion of the Mechanic Arts11.11.191480,0080,00
74Frontier National Bank of Eastport01.02.1888120,00unsold
75Galveston Bay & Texas Land Co.16.10.1830600,00unsold
76General Electric Co.03.02.1930350,00unsold
77Georgetown Railroad08.10.1878250,00310,00
78Georgia Midland Terminal Co.24.10.189380,0080,00 n
79Georgia Northern Railway15.03.189580,00unsold
80German-American West African Railway, Trading and Colonization Co.08.06.189860,0065,00
81Gettysburg Rail Road Co.23.05.1857500,00unsold
82Giant Powder Co.29.12.1919180,00unsold
83Globe National Bank27.11.1899160,00unsold
84Golden West Consolidated Mining & Milling Co. of Arizona10.01.1890180,00unsold
85Great Falls and Conway Railroad12.12.1848100,00100,00
86Great National Petroleum Co.12.08.1865120,00unsold
87Hackettstown National Bank18.04.190150,0065,00
88Hankey Baking Co.21.12.193150,00unsold
89Harlem Independent Hygeia Ice Co.01.10.189960,00unsold
90Harrisburgh & Mount Sterling Turnpike Co.01.09.1869120,00120,00
91Hawaii Telephone Co.23.10.1913150,00unsold
92Holman Locomotive Speeding Truck Co.25.04.189660,00unsold
93Holman-Caldwell Roller-Gearing Locomotive Ass.24.04.1895100,00unsold
94Housatonic Railroad01.01.188060,0066,00
95Idaho Consolidated Gold & Silver Mining Co.14.04.1884150,00unsold
96Illinois and St. Louis Bridge Co.15.03.1870180,00200,00
97Independent Red Men Hall Association15.03.1879150,00unsold
98Indianapolis, Bloomington & Western Railway31.05.1873140,00unsold
99International Rotary Plow Co.14.04.188780,00unsold
100Iowa & Colorado Consolidated Mining Co.11.01.1883150,00150,00
101Iron Car Equipment Co.23.08.1890180,00unsold
102J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co.30.12.1911200,00unsold
103Jacksonville, Mayport and Pablo Railway and Navigation Co.350,00470,00
104James River Valley & North Western Railway01.07.1918100,00unsold
105Jersey City Locomotive Works11.10.1858140,00160,00
106Judson Manufacturing Co.01.03.1887180,00unsold
107Kansas City, Emporia & Southern Railway28.07.1888120,00140,00
108Kansas City, St. Louis & Chicago Railroad01.02.1910100,00unsold
109Keokuk, Iowa City and Minnesota Railroad01.05.1872350,00350,00 n
110Ketchum & Challis Toll Road Co.10.11.1884100,00unsold
111Kinniconick & Freestone Railroad20.05.1892150,00160,00
112Kittanning & Leechburg Railways01.03.1916180,00unsold
113Lake Shore Railway21.04.1869100,00unsold
114Lawrenceburgh & Indianapolis Rail-Road01.01.183280,00unsold
115Lima Locomotive Works Inc.24.11.194460,00unsold
116Lion Country Safari, Inc.30.03.198150,0050,00
117Locomotive Pulverized Fuel Co.18.01.1922100,00100,00 n
118Lodi Branch Railroad01.07.1873300,00300,00
119Lorain & West Virginia Railway09.04.1906100,00unsold
120Louisiana Tehuantepec Company01.08.1858400,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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