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FHW Auction catalog 114  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
121Louisville & Northern Railway & Lighting Co. (OU Samuel Insull)14.06.1912120,00unsold
122Mabbett Railway Chair Manufacturing Co.29.06.1867180,00180,00 n
123Macon & Brunswick Railroad01.09.1868180,00185,00
124Marietta & Pittsburgh Railroad19.11.1872100,00unsold
125Maxwell Land Grant and Railway Co.09.11.1871750,00800,00
126McKeesport Natatorium and Medical Institute25.09.190380,00unsold
127Memphis & Charleston Railroad20.08.1877400,00460,00
128Memphis, Clarksville & Louisville Railroad01.03.1860100,00100,00 n
129Memphis, El Paso & Pacific Railroad14.02.1867350,00unsold
130Menomonee Locomotive Manufacturing Co.23.01.1856100,00120,00
131Middleport Salt Co.12.02.1874200,00unsold
132Miller Train Control Corp.03.04.192980,00unsold
133Millersburg Railroad22.06.1900100,00110,00
134Missouri River Railway01.06.1909150,00unsold
135Moorestown National Bank01.03.189950,0065,00
136Mutual Telephone Co.30.06.1886150,00unsold
137National Life Insurance Co.10.08.1869250,00250,00
138National Steam Pipe Coupling Co.30.08.1869250,00unsold
139National Transit Co. (OU H. H. Rogers)16.03.1899250,00unsold
140Naugatuck Railroad01.01.190450,00unsold
141Nescopec Railroad03.01.189380,00unsold
142New England Motive Power Co.02.10.1884150,00150,00 v
143New Jersey Midland Railway18.07.1871150,00160,00
144New Orleans, Baton Rouge & Vicksburg Railroad16.09.1872120,00unsold
145New Orleans Board of Trade Ltd.17.11.1903150,00150,00
146New Orleans & Ohio Telegraph Lessees01.09.1858150,00unsold
147New York and Long Island Oyster Co.01.01.1890160,00unsold
148New York & Greenwood Lake Railway10.06.1879125,00unsold
149New York Land Indenture Agreement (OU Vanderbilt, Depew, Clark)21.01.1895500,00500,00
150New York & Long Island Railroad08.03.1902125,00unsold
151New York & New England Railroad01.08.188260,00unsold
152New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad01.05.192050,00unsold
153New York, Ontario & Western Railway19.02.1883100,00100,00
154New Yorker Zeitung Publishing and Printing Co. (überstempelt: German Herold Publishing Co. of New York City, Inc.)16.08.1939100,00unsold
155Norfolk & Petersburg Railroad01.01.1867125,00125,00 n
156Northern Pacific & Manitoba Railway09.06.1890120,00120,00
157Ocean National Bank of New York20.05.1870250,00unsold
158Old Glory Gold Mining and Smelting Co.23.02.1897150,00unsold
159Oregon Horse & Land Co.17.01.1887400,00unsold
160Paterson District Telegraph21.01.1884350,00unsold
161Penn Overland Telephone and Telegraph Co.06.09.1884100,00unsold
162Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art13.01.1880100,00unsold
163Philadelphia & Yardleyville Railroad23.05.1873200,00550,00
164Photo-Machine Co.18.02.1913100,00unsold
165Pittsburgh Aeroplane & Motor Co.03.03.1921180,00unsold
166Planters Bank of Tennessee20.01.1873120,00unsold
167Pleasantville & Ocean City Railroad13.10.1880175,00175,00
168Port Huron & Milwaukee Railway01.02.1856300,00unsold
169Pratt & Whitney Co.28.06.1898500,00unsold
170President, Managers & Company of Rancocus Toll-Bridge18.02.1793600,00unsold
171Quaker City Insurance Co.28.05.1857800,00800,00
172Racine and Mississippi Railroad24.06.1875300,00unsold
173Railway Supply14.06.190230,0030,00 n
174Raleigh & Charleston Railroad01.02.190680,0085,00
175Raleigh & Gaston Rail Road01.05.1853260,00unsold
176Reading Co. Jersey Central Collateral29.01.190240,00unsold
177Reading & Columbia Railroad15.09.1866150,00unsold
178Republic of Texas, Cr. 53 B (R9)03.09.1853150,00unsold
179Robert Smith India Pale Ale Brewing Co.07.05.18911.200,00unsold
180Rock Port, Langdon & Northern Railway31.12.1890125,00unsold
181Rogers Locomotive Co.20.05.1896140,00270,00
182Roman Brothers Silver Mining Co.03.08.1865150,00unsold
183Saint Joseph Switch & Transfer Railway10.07.189980,00unsold
184Saint Louis, Kansas City & Colorado Railroad23.12.188480,0085,00
185Saline Coal & Manufacturing Co.12.12.1857150,00unsold
186Salisbury Water Works Co.01.03.188780,0080,00
187San Francisco & San Joaquin Valley Railway13.05.1895100,00unsold
188San Francisco Women’s Buildung Association01.05.192580,0080,00
189Saratoga & Schenectady Railroad10.06.1839200,00220,00
190Schoolcraft Iron Co.14.05.1869120,00unsold
191Scott Two-Stroke Motor Co.14.05.1928100,00100,00
192Seaboard Air Line Railway27.04.1912160,00unsold
193Sierra Iron and Quincy Railroad07.01.1882240,00unsold
194South Carolina Railway28.12.188180,00unsold
195South Framingham National Bank03.04.188880,0090,00
196Southern Kansas Railway20.12.1889120,00unsold
197Southern Kentucky Coal, Mining & Transporting Co.13.10.1865120,00120,00
198Southern Pacific Golden Gate Ferries, Ltd.01.04.1929280,00unsold
199Spokane Mail Equipment Co.07.10.1916180,00190,00
200Spreckels Sugar Corp.01.11.192975,00unsold
201St. Charles Car Co.18.03.189760,00unsold
202St. Francois County Railroad01.07.191250,0050,00
203St. Johns & Indian River Canal01.04.18603.000,00unsold
204St. Johns River Terminal Co.01.07.1902125,00unsold
205St. Joseph & Council Bluffs Railroad20.05.1869150,00290,00
206St. Louis, Kansas & Arizona Railway10.12.1879250,00250,00 n
207Standard Oil Co.06.05.18754.000,004.000,00
208State Line Gold Mining Co. No. 422.06.1881100,00unsold
209State of Mississippi Cr. 38D (R8)06.06.1838120,00135,00
210State of North Carolina, Cr. 6901.04.1869120,00unsold
211State of Ohio Canal Stock (Loan of 1860)31.01.1850120,00unsold
212Stiles Hercules Engine Manufacturing Co.16.03.1878160,00unsold
213Strong Locomotive Co.23.12.1890350,00unsold
214Sturgis, Goshen & St. Louis Railway01.12.1889125,00unsold
215Tacoma, Orting & Southeastern Railroad23.03.1893180,00180,00
216Tennessee Brewing Company01.05.1885250,00270,00
217Tennessee Centennial Exposition Co.01.06.1896500,00unsold
218Tennessee Northern Railway15.04.1897150,00unsold
219Thompson Brothers Lumber Co.29.12.190660,00unsold
220Toledo, Peoria & Warsaw Railway (Burlington Division)01.06.1871250,00260,00
221Trustees of Burlington College01.07.1876120,00unsold
222Twenty-Second Ward Bank of Germantown02.09.187580,00unsold
223Ulster & Delaware Railroad02.08.188480,0080,00
224Union Bank of the State of Tennessee09.10.1858125,00unsold
225United States Inspectors‘ Certificate to Pilots16.08.188780,00unsold
226Universal Aerial Navigation Co.07.07.1911500,00unsold
227USA - Industriewerte Konvolut (194 Stücke)200,00280,00
228Victoria Toboggan & Snow-Shoe Club of Hamilton13.12.1884120,00unsold
229Virginia Airship Company, Inc.11.02.1935500,00500,00
230Virginia-Carolina & Southern Railway18.11.1907100,00unsold
231Vulcan Oil and Mining Co. of West Virginia23.01.1865120,00unsold
232Washington Target Shooting Association01.05.1880250,00330,00
233Washington Target-shooting Association10.11.1868300,00unsold
234West End Street Railway Co. of Boston (Mass.)01.01.189480,00unsold
235West Spanish Peak Mining Co.17.06.1890150,00150,00
236Westport Sanitarium Co.01.01.1890100,00unsold
237White and Black River Valley Railway13.06.1900120,00unsold
238Wild Horse Cattle Co.28.06.1885300,00unsold
239Winston-Salem Southbound Railway04.01.191230,00unsold
240Wootten Locomotive Co.28.03.1892160,00220,00
All prices are in Euro

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