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FHW Auction catalog 99  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

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All prices are in Euro
LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
1Bezirksverband Oberschwäbische Elektrizitätswerke15.01.1926100,00120,00
2Convencion Espanola - Mexico01.01.18541.000,00unsold
3Convencion Espanola - Mexico01.01.18541.500,001.500,00
4Convencion Espanola - Mexico (9 Stück)3.000,003.000,00
5Deutsches Reich, Internationale Anleihe 1930 (5 Stücke)04.01.1960200,00unsold
6Dortmund Municipal Utilities01.10.1928100,00100,00
7Estados Unidos Mexicanos (Vereinigte Staaten von Mexiko) (3 Stücke)100,00320,00
8Estados Unidos Mexicanos (Vereinigte Staaten von Mexiko)01.04.1898100,00110,00
9Estados Unidos Mexicanos (Vereinigte Staaten von Mexiko)01.10.1899100,00160,00
10Estados Unidos Mexicanos (Vereinigte Staaten von Mexico)01.12.1904200,001.300,00
11Estados Unidos Mexicanos (Vereinigte Staaten von Mexico)01.12.1904200,001.200,00
12Estados Unidos Mexicanos (Vereinigte Staaten von Mexico)01.12.1904500,0011.500,00
13Estados Unidos Mexicanos (Vereinigte Staaten von Mexico)01.12.1904500,0011.500,00
14Freistaat Sachsen (Free State of Saxony)01.07.1927200,00220,00
15Institution for Encouragement of Irrigation Works and Development of Agriculture (Caja de Prestamos para Obras de Irrigacion)02.11.1908150,00unsold
16Lüneburger Kraft-, Licht- und Wasserwerke GmbH01.05.192890,00140,00
17Republic of Poland (Dillon-Bond)01.01.1925150,00150,00
18Republic of Poland (Dillon-Bond)01.01.1925200,00200,00
19Republic of Poland (Dillon-Bond)01.01.1925250,00250,00
20Republica Mexicana01.06.18431.250,002.800,00
21Republica Mexicana01.06.18438.000,0023.000,00
22Republica Mexicana01.01.1899100,00135,00
23Republica Mexicana01.01.1899100,00135,00
24Republica Mexicana01.01.1899100,00600,00
25Republica Mexicana01.01.1899100,00600,00
26Republica Mexicana01.01.1899100,00600,00
27Republica Mexicana01.01.1899100,00600,00
28Republica Mexicana01.01.1899200,001.600,00
29Republica Mexicana01.01.1899200,001.400,00
30Republica Mexicana01.01.1899200,001.300,00
31Republica Mexicana01.01.1899500,003.000,00
32Republica Mexicana01.01.1899500,003.000,00
33Rhein-Main-Donau AG01.09.1925100,00100,00
34Ruhrchemie AG (Ruhr Chemical Corporation)01.04.1928100,00100,00
35State of Hamburg (Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg)01.10.1926120,00160,00
36Accessory Transit Co. (of Nicaragua)09.02.18569.500,0010.500,00
37Aero & Motor Club of Asbury Park20.08.1910350,00unsold
38American Salvage Co.12.06.1916300,00unsold
39American Steamship Co. of Philadelphia01.10.1871400,00400,00
40Androscoggin & Kennebec Railroad01.12.185375,0075,00
41Ardmore & Llanerch Street Railway06.02.190375,0080,00
42Asheville & Craggy Mountain Railway29.06.1906150,00unsold
43Astoria & Columbia River Railroad25.09.1895150,00unsold
44Bank of Gettysburg04.12.1857150,00150,00 n
45Bellefonte & Snow-Shoe Rail Road03.02.1863120,00130,00
46Belt Rail Road Co. of Indianapolis13.10.188350,00unsold
47Berkshire Railroad16.10.1905120,00unsold
48Birmingham Terminal Co.06.11.1908100,00100,00
49Bradford, Bordell & Kinzua Railroad01.06.1882250,00unsold
50Branchville & Bowman Railroad Co.17.08.1891100,00130,00
51Brandenburg Under-Car Electric Railway Co.26.09.1896100,00unsold
52Brinson Railway16.02.191490,00unsold
53Brockport & Shawmut Railroad10.02.1888100,00120,00 v
54Brown Wire Gun Co.31.03.1904200,00200,00
55Buffalo, Bradford & Pittsburgh Railroad12.06.1917100,00unsold
56Buffalo & New York City Railroad14.11.1853250,00unsold
57Buffalo, New York & Philadelphia Railway01.07.1881175,00175,00
58Buffalo & State Line Railroad05.02.185780,00unsold
59Cairo Rail Road Co.20.04.1905120,00120,00
60Camden, Gloucester & Mt. Ephraim Railway19.06.1883120,00140,00
61Cincinnati and Little Rock Slate Co.08.11.1853150,00240,00
62Cincinnati, Peru & Chicago Railway01.03.1855350,00unsold
63City and County of San Francisco01.10.1867150,00unsold
64Coastal Airways Corp.21.03.1929250,00unsold
65Deadwood-Heidelberg Mining Co.24.05.192260,0060,00
66Dorchester & Milton Branch Railroad02.03.1848100,00121,00 v
67Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway01.01.1937100,00unsold
68Duluth, St. Cloud, Glencoe & Mankato Railway Co.02.10.1900200,00225,00
69Edison Electric Illuminating Co. of New Brunswick22.01.1886500,00500,00
70Edison Phonograph Works13.07.19232.000,00unsold
71Evansville & Terre Haute Railroad01.06.188070,00unsold
72First National Bank of Cooperstown03.06.188180,0090,00
73First National Bank of the City of Brooklyn18.11.1865100,00unsold
74Fitchburg Railroad19.02.191390,0090,00 n
75Fort Wayne & Springfield Railway26.09.1906125,00135,00
76Germantown Passenger Railway15.12.189190,0095,00
77Globe Telephone Co.23.05.1888400,00unsold
78Great Cariboo Gold Co.16.07.1909800,00unsold
79Great European American Emigration Land Co.24.10.1868500,00unsold
80Hannibal Coca-Cola Bottling Works08.08.193860,0060,00
81Harley-Davidson Inc.09.12.199890,00unsold
82Henderson & Overton Branch Railroad27.09.1880250,00250,00
83Ionia & Lansing Railroad08.04.1869175,00unsold
84Lake Erie, Alliance & Southern Railway Co.01.02.1887120,00unsold
85Lancaster & Reading Narrow Gauge Railroad, Quarryville Section01.05.1875125,00140,00
86Lawrenceburgh & Indianapolis Rail-Road01.01.1832100,00unsold
87Lawson Airplane Co.01.04.1921450,00unsold
88Lewis Motor-Vehicle Co.08.08.1899350,00370,00
89Lucky Mc. Uranium Corp.20.07.195690,00115,00
90Lykens Valley Rail Road & Coal Co.03.01.1862125,00135,00
All prices are in Euro

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