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FHW Auction catalog 109  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

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All prices are in Euro
LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
1Allentown and Bethlehem Rapid Transit Co.06.10.1891100,00110,00
2Allentown & Lehigh Valley Traction Co.17.06.1893150,00150,00
3Altoona & Beech Creek Terminal Railroad01.01.1901250,00480,00
4Amarillo Gold Mining Co.16.11.1896150,00unsold
5American Bank01.05.1860250,00250,00
6American Consolidated Gold & Silver Mining Co.30.04.1878200,00unsold
7American Express Co.17.10.1865250,00250,00
8American Firecracker M'fg. Co.18.01.1904250,00unsold
9American Palace Car Co.18.01.1910350,00440,00
10Arcadia Mining Co.18.09.1896350,00unsold
11Ardmore & Llanerch Street Railway06.02.190360,0060,00
12Argentum-Juniata Mining Co.08.05.1897100,00unsold
13Atchison & Nebraska Railroad04.03.1872250,00unsold
14Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fé Railroad01.07.188940,0040,00
15Atlantic Bank of the City of New York22.07.1864250,00unsold
16Atlantic City & Suburban Traction Co.15.08.1903150,00150,00
17Atlantic Coast Electric Railroad18.01.1899250,00270,00
18Atlantic, Mississippi & Ohio Railroad26.11.187040,0040,00
19Atlantic & Pacific Railroad15.11.1853600,00unsold
20Austin and Northwestern Railroad01.07.1891400,00unsold
21Bald Eagle Valley Railroad20.11.187975,00unsold
22Baltimore & Lehigh Railway30.12.1897250,00290,00
23Baltimore & Ohio Railroad21.03.185360,00unsold
24Baltimore & Towsontown Railroad16.07.1860450,00450,00
25Bank of New-Orleans14.05.1860350,00400,00
26Bedford & Bridgeport Railroad26.11.1873120,00unsold
27Big Four Consolidated Mining and Milling Co.20.01.1894350,00380,00
28Bordentown Banking Co.24.10.1889120,00unsold
29Boston Terminal Co.01.08.1896140,00unsold
30Buffalo, Bradford & Pittsburgh Railroad16.05.1864250,00unsold
31Buffalo, Bradford & Pittsburgh Railroad03.09.1896150,00150,00
32Bunker Hill Silver Mining Co.28.02.1865140,00unsold
33Calumet River Railway31.12.188880,0085,00
34Canandaigua & Elmira Rail Road22.02.1853150,00220,00
35Capital Savings Bank07.03.1892150,00180,00
36Carthage & Adirondack Railroad01.12.189250,00unsold
37Cayadutta Electric Railroad18.04.189360,0060,00
38Chattanooga Union Railway28.11.1890150,00unsold
39Chester and Lenoir Narrow Gauge Railroad17.08.1874200,00unsold
40Chicago & Erie Railroad05.09.1890100,00100,00
41Chicago & Erie Railroad01.11.190475,00unsold
42Chicago & Great Western Railroad01.03.18731.000,001.900,00
43Chicago & Northwestern Railway14.02.1910800,001.600,00
44Chicago & Northwestern Railway27.12.1922500,001.100,00
45Cincinnati and South Eastern Railway01.07.1880250,00280,00
46Cincinnati Connecting Belt Railroad09.10.1903150,00160,00
47Citizens Bank of Michigan City, Indiana01.01.188860,00unsold
48Cleveland, Mount Vernon & Delaware Railroad27.09.1873180,00190,00
49Cleveland, Painsville & Ashtabula Railroad01.10.1852120,00unsold
50Coca-Cola Co.15.01.1929400,00unsold
51Columbus Hope & Greensburg Railroad01.10.188280,0080,00
52Confederate States of America (41 Stücke)1.600,00unsold
53Confederate States of America, Cr. 053 (R8) - Ball 43 (R5+)31.12.1861120,00unsold
54Confederate States of America, Cr. 078 (R7) - Ball 38 (R5)27.02.186240,0040,00
55Connecticut & Passumpsic Rivers Railroad20.01.1913120,00unsold
56Corydon Mining Co.19.12.1866300,00unsold
57Cresson Railroad10.07.1891150,00150,00
58Cumberland Railroad30.04.1919100,00unsold
59Danville Gas Co.24.01.185780,0085,00
60Detroit Edison Co.03.02.1903300,00300,00
61Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railway02.05.1905180,00unsold
62Diamond "B" Silver Mining & Milling Co.09.02.1891180,00180,00
63Dry Dock, East Broadway and Battery RailRoad18.07.1923175,00175,00 n
64East Harrisburg Passenger Railway03.03.1888100,00100,00 n
65East Mahanoy Rail Road06.01.1910150,00unsold
66East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railroad01.06.1870200,00unsold
67East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railway01.09.1888200,00unsold
68Elkhorn Gold and Silver Mining Co.04.11.1865160,00160,00
69Erie & Wyoming Valley Railroad07.06.1886120,00unsold
70Evansville & Terre Haute Rail Road30.05.187775,0075,00
71Exchange Bank of Virginia16.07.1857200,00200,00
72Fernandina & Jacksonville Railroad11.08.1880300,00unsold
73First National Bank of Amenia23.12.1886200,00unsold
74First National Bank of the City of Brooklyn18.11.186580,00unsold
75Florence and Keyport Co.29.07.1854250,00unsold
76Forest City & State Line Railroad15.04.1889100,00100,00
77Fort Wayne, Jackson & Saginaw Railroad26.09.1870180,00180,00
78Fox Lake Shooting and Fishing Club19.11.1881280,00unsold
79General Motors Co.13.10.1916200,00unsold
80Gold Mountain Combination Mining Co.25.02.1865250,00unsold
81Grassy Island Railroad11.07.189260,0062,00
82Gustav Adolph Bau und Spar Verein14.11.1873160,00190,00
83Hot Springs Railroad01.07.1893160,00unsold
84Illinois Central Railroad01.04.1851120,00120,00
85Indiana & Lake Michigan Railway10.10.1888150,00unsold
86Indianapolis, Bloomington & Western Railway31.05.1873180,00unsold
87International Chemical Co.25.06.1880250,00unsold
88International & Great Northern Railroad21.01.187870,0070,00
89Ironton Railroad02.01.1865120,00unsold
90Jefferson Railroad31.10.1870100,00100,00
91Jefferson-Lafayette Theatres, Inc.15.11.196330,0040,00
92Kanawha & Michigan Railway13.08.189075,00unsold
93Kansas Central & Southwestern Railroad01.07.1881500,00unsold
94Kansas City Viaduct & Terminal Railway23.08.1907140,00140,00
95Kohler Bros. Silver Mining Co.30.09.1864250,00unsold
96KPMG Consulting, Inc.01.01.199080,0080,00 n
97La Crosse & Milwaukee Rail Road01.02.1856800,00unsold
98Lackawanna Railroad (OU M.K. Jesup)01.01.1855200,00unsold
99Lake Erie, Alliance & Southern Railway01.02.1887120,00unsold
100Lake Erie, Evansville & South Western Railway01.04.1872200,00200,00
101Lake Navigation Company13.05.1857500,00unsold
102Lehigh Valley Railroad15.09.1864100,00100,00 v
103Little Rock & Hot Springs Western Railroad16.02.1912100,00unsold
104Los Angeles Steamship Co.04.06.1924120,00150,00
105Louisiana Purchase Exposition Co.19.05.1904500,00unsold
106Lykens Valley Rail Road & Coal Co.03.01.1862100,00100,00
107Lykens Valley Rail Road & Coal Co.03.11.1905100,00unsold
108Manufacturers & Traders Bank17.12.1900150,00150,00
109Marion & McPherson Railroad15.04.1880250,00350,00
110Maryland Steamboat Co.12.12.1879120,00145,00
All prices are in Euro

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