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FHW Auction catalog 120  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
1Aberdeen-Huron & Southern Railway01.08.190850,0050,00
2Adirondack Railway12.03.1883750,00unsold
3Alabama Great Southern Railroad03.10.1895100,00110,00
4Alaska Anthracite Railroad08.12.1919250,00unsold
5Alaska Gold Syndicate Co.07.12.1897100,00unsold
6Almanack Theatrical Corp. (2 Stücke)100,00unsold
7Alta Montana Co.29.11.1879100,00100,00
8American and Mexican Silver Mining Co.15.12.1863150,00unsold
9American Canadian Air Lines Inc.01.01.192050,0060,00
10American Consolidated Gold & Silver Mining Co.30.04.1878200,00unsold
11American Consolidated Gold and Silver Mining Co.24.09.1881120,00unsold
12American Druggists Syndicate30.01.1908125,00unsold
13American Druggists Syndicate06.06.1917100,00100,00
14American Express Co. (OU Fargo, Holland, Butterfield)16.03.1857400,00650,00
15American Express Co. (OU Fargo, Holland, Knapp)02.07.1873130,00200,00
16American Merchants Union Express Co. (OU Fargo, Knapp, Ross)30.12.186880,0080,00 n
17American Merchants Union Express Co. (OU Fargo, Knapp, Ross)30.12.186880,0080,00 n
18American Motor Transportation Co.12.01.192980,0085,00
19American Salvage Co.16.04.1917150,00unsold
20American Steamship Co. of Philadelphia14.11.1871250,00unsold
21American Telegraph-Typewriter Co.15.11.1916100,00100,00
22Anglo Teutonia Building & Loan Association10.08.188775,0075,00
23Annisquam Yacht Club13.04.192870,00unsold
24Aransas Pass Harbor Co.12.12.1895200,00200,00
25Arcadia Mining Co.18.09.1896200,00200,00 n
26Arizona Telephone and Telegraph Co.17.11.1911100,00100,00
27Arkansas & Memphis Railway Bridge and Terminal Co.02.01.1918100,00unsold
28Arnot & Pine Creek Railroad03.01.191675,0075,00
29Atchison & Nebraska Railroad04.03.1872120,00unsold
30Atlantic & Great Western Rail Road (of Ohio)04.03.1864200,00unsold
31Atlantic & Great Western Rail Road23.01.1874750,00unsold
32Atlantic & Pacific Railroad (Western Division)01.07.1880200,00210,00
33Auburn Consolidated Gold Mining02.03.1881120,00unsold
34Auto Motive Tractor Corp. of America24.12.191975,0075,00
35Automobile USA - Konvolut (12 Stücke)200,00unsold
36Avoca, Harlan & Northern Railroad14.05.1880100,00120,00
37Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (OU Hopkins)18.08.1855250,00unsold
38Baltimore & Ohio Railroad01.07.1898750,00unsold
39Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York Railroad16.11.1874400,00400,00
40Bangor & Aroostook Railroad16.02.1900120,00unsold
41Bank of Amsterdam01.04.1861150,00unsold
42Bank of Berkeley Springs28.06.1898100,00150,00
43Bank of the Capitol29.11.1854150,00150,00
44Bank of the United States of America16.05.1839150,00150,00
45Bank of Worcester13.06.1886150,00170,00
46Big Blackfoot Railway14.01.1911250,00unsold
47Big Sandy Railway Co. of Virginia15.04.1902100,00100,00
48Billings & Central Montana Railway20.01.191380,0095,00
49Blanchard Avenue Street Railway01.07.189270,0085,00
50Broad Top Improvement Co.25.11.1861100,00unsold
51Brooklyn Petroleum Co.11.02.1865100,00100,00
52Brown Wire Gun Co.31.03.1904150,00unsold
53Brunswick Traction Co.13.03.189680,0080,00
54Buffalo & Lake Erie Traction Co.26.07.191880,0080,00
55Buffalo, New York & Philadelphia Railroad10.06.1884750,00750,00
56Bunker Hill Silver Mining Co.28.02.1865140,00unsold
57Burlingame Telegraphing Typewriter Co.27.01.1910100,00unsold
58Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern Railway01.04.1884100,00unsold
59Burlington Heights Improvement Co.09.06.188860,00unsold
60Bushwhacker Mining Co.23.08.1894120,00120,00
61California Navigation and Improvement Co.29.03.1910100,00unsold
62Camden, Gloucester & Mt. Ephraim Railway19.06.1883100,00100,00
63Cape Cod Railroad (OU Richard Borden)01.06.1867120,00unsold
64Cedar Rapids Garner & Northwestern Railway11.07.1900100,00unsold
65Central Appalachian Company01.08.189240,0040,00
66Central Railroad and Banking Co. of Georgia18.04.18871.000,00unsold
67Charles Jacquin et Cie. Inc.17.08.196250,00unsold
68Chattanooga Southern Railway21.09.1896100,00unsold
69Chattanooga Station Co.24.04.1912100,00unsold
70Chesapeake, Ohio & Southwestern Railroad (OU Huntington)16.08.1882120,00130,00
71Chesapeake & Western Railroad18.06.1896160,00160,00
72Chester & Iron Mountain Railroad01.10.1872500,00500,00 n
73Chicago and North Park Mining Co.04.05.1881120,00unsold
74Chicago & Canada Southern Railway (OU Dillon)02.12.1878120,00unsold
75Chicago & Interurban Traction Co.01.01.1912150,00150,00 v
76Chicago, Kansas & Nebraska Railway23.05.1888160,00160,00
77Chicago, Kansas & Nebraska Railway06.09.1888250,00unsold
78Chicago & Northwestern Railway13.12.1923100,00unsold
79Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway11.10.1902300,00unsold
80Chicago & Rock Island Railroad (OU Farnam)10.01.185760,00unsold
81Chicago & Rock Island Railroad (OU C.W. Durant)12.06.186660,0060,00
82Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis & Chicago Railway (OU C.P. Huntington, M.E. Ingalls)01.07.1881100,00110,00
83Cincinnati, Wabash & Michigan Railway (OU J. H. Wade)25.08.1880150,00150,00 n
84City and County of San Francisco01.10.1863150,00unsold
85City National Bank of New Britain04.09.1929100,00140,00
86Clear Springs Trout & Poultry Co.15.09.1909120,00unsold
87Cleveland, Canton & Southern Railroad13.12.189880,0082,00
88Clifton Forge Banking and Construction Co.09.07.1891100,00unsold
89Clinton Aviation Club21.06.1920200,00unsold
90Coast Company01.02.1895260,00unsold
91Coca-Cola Bottling Corp.28.05.19281.000,001.200,00
92Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.09.05.200550,0065,00
93Collins Wireless Telephone Co.26.07.1910150,00unsold
94Colorado Central Railroad15.01.1880200,00unsold
95Colorado Midland Railway09.11.18871.000,00unsold
96Comstock Tunnel Company (OU Sutro)01.09.188960,00unsold
97Concord & Montreal Railroad07.12.191575,0075,00
98Confederate States of America, Cr. 154 (R2) - Ball 366 (R3)09.03.186530,0030,00
99Consolidated Railroad Co. of Vermont26.04.1888180,00unsold
100Consolidated Telephone Co. of Pennsylvania01.10.1901100,00unsold
101Continental National Bank of Fort Worth12.12.1933100,00unsold
102Corydon Mining Co.19.12.1866260,00unsold
103Death Valley Railroad27.01.19141.000,001.000,00
104Diamond "B" Silver Mining & Milling Co.09.02.1891150,00unsold
105Eagles Mere Railroad14.07.18921.000,001.400,00
106Eagles Mere Railroad24.01.1913500,00650,00
107East Mahanoy Rail Road06.01.1910100,00unsold
108East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railroad02.09.1885280,00unsold
109Eastman College Bank19.07.1907150,00unsold
110Edison Cement Corporation (OU Mina Edison)02.01.1931100,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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