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FHW Auction catalog 120  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
111Edison Storage Battery Co. (OU Thomas A. Edison)20.02.1908800,00unsold
112Edison Storage Battery Co. (OU Thomas A. Edison)13.11.1920800,00850,00
113European Auto Classics, Ltd.23.06.198175,0075,00
114Farmers Banking Co.06.06.1890120,00150,00
115Ferro Monte Railroad16.02.1894100,00120,00
116First National Bank18.12.192680,00unsold
117First National Bank of Bogota10.10.193750,0050,00
118First National Bank of Chicopee20.06.1865200,00260,00
119First National Bank of Portland01.07.190170,00unsold
120Fourth National Bank of Atlanta22.07.1896130,00130,00
121General Motors Corp. (4 Stücke)150,00unsold
122Gold Mountain Combination Mining Co.25.02.1865220,00unsold
123Grand Opera and Market House Co. of Reading15.01.1926380,00unsold
124Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad01.09.1884240,00240,00
125Hartford & New Haven Railroad01.02.1870100,00100,00
126Hartford & New Haven Railroad19.08.186880,0080,00
127Illinois State Zoo and Amusement Co.31.01.19061.500,00unsold
128Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad (OU W.K. Vanderbilt)21.08.191880,0080,00
129International Auto-Tractor Corp.01.11.191980,00unsold
130J. W. Streets Palace Stock Car Co.26.06.1871750,00unsold
131Jefferson Railroad08.05.1895100,00unsold
132Jersey City & Albany Railroad01.07.1873750,00850,00
133Kansas Central & Southwestern Railroad01.07.1881300,00unsold
134Kohler Bros. Silver Mining Co.30.09.1864220,00unsold
135Lake Erie & Eastern Railroad28.03.190490,00110,00
136Langdon Bank09.11.185950,00unsold
137Laramie, Hahns Peak & Pacific Railway04.11.1912500,00unsold
138Le Mont Gas Coal Co.18.06.1866100,00unsold
139Liberty Auto Company15.03.192780,0080,00
140Long Island National Bank of New York19.06.1926125,00unsold
141Louisville, Evansville & St. Louis Railroad01.10.1886500,00unsold
142Mad River & Lake Erie Railroad01.02.1855150,00170,00
143Manistee & Northeastern Railroad01.01.1909300,00300,00
144Maysville & Lexington Railroad01.08.1853260,00unsold
145Merchants Banking Co.100,00unsold
146Merchants Despatch Transportation Co. (OU W.G. Fargo, J.C. Fargo, Holland)11.07.1871160,00170,00
147Merchants Despatch Transportation Co. (OU J.C. Fargo, Holland)27.03.1873160,00unsold
148Merchants National Bank of Bangor75,00110,00
149Mettacom Silver Mining Co. of Reese River30.05.1866100,00unsold
150Michigan Central Railroad (OU Cornelius Vanderbilt)10.03.1881100,00unsold
151Michigan Central Railroad (OU Cornelius Vanderbilt II)01.03.1881100,00unsold
152Mobile & Birmingham Railway01.02.1887600,00unsold
153Monsanto Company01.01.198050,00unsold
154Monterey & Fresno Railroad17.03.18931.200,001.200,00 n
155Moon-Anchor Gold Mining Co.04.01.189850,0060,00
156Moulton Mining Co. (3 Stücke) (OU Clark)80,0080,00 n
157National Bank of Oxford28.06.1865150,00150,00
158National Boat and Engine Co.01.12.1910100,00100,00 n
159National Coal Railway18.08.192670,00unsold
160National Transit Co. (OU H. H. Rogers)16.03.1899100,00100,00
161Neptune Gold Mining Co.05.04.1889100,00100,00
162New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad17.08.1916500,00unsold
163New York & New England Railroad01.01.1876400,00420,00
164New York, Susquehanna & Western Railroad01.01.1887300,00unsold
165North Missouri Railroad20.01.18701.200,001.200,00 n
166Oahu Sugar Co.02.04.1906140,00140,00
167Oakland National Bank19.03.190890,00120,00
168Ogdensburgh & Lake Champlain Railroad01.01.1888120,00130,00
169Oneida National Bank01.02.1875100,00unsold
170Otsego County Bank20.07.1852150,00unsold
171Pacific Railroad of Missouri24.12.1860500,00520,00
172Painesville & Hudson Railroad02.06.1856300,00unsold
173Payne’s Safety First Gate Co.28.09.1921180,00240,00
175Pennsylvania and California Gold Mining Co.28.12.1868200,00unsold
176Pennsylvania Railroad15.07.1891120,00unsold
177Pennsylvania Railroad27.09.1893150,00unsold
178Pennsylvania Railroad30.03.1898100,00unsold
179Pennsylvania Railroad17.05.1898100,00unsold
180Pennsylvania Railroad21.05.1898100,00100,00
181Pennsylvania Railroad05.11.1898100,00unsold
182Pennsylvania Railroad01.05.1900100,00unsold
183Pennsylvania Railroad22.12.1898100,00unsold
184Pennsylvania Railroad11.01.189975,00unsold
185Pennsylvania Railroad05.04.1899100,00100,00
186Pennsylvania Railroad18.04.1899120,00unsold
187Pennsylvania Railroad25.08.189980,0080,00
188Pennsylvania Railroad08.12.1899100,00unsold
189Pennsylvania Railroad22.12.1899100,00unsold
190Pennsylvania Railroad03.02.1900100,00100,00
191Pennsylvania Railroad23.03.190075,00unsold
192Pennsylvania Railroad23.03.190075,00unsold
193Pennsylvania Railroad01.05.190075,00unsold
194Pennsylvania Railroad01.05.1900100,00unsold
195Pennsylvania Railroad01.05.1900100,00unsold
196Pennsylvania Railroad12.07.1900100,00unsold
197Pennsylvania Railroad12.07.1900100,00unsold
198Pennsylvania Railroad25.07.1900100,00100,00
199Pennsylvania Railroad30.08.1900100,00unsold
200Pennsylvania Railroad29.09.1900120,00120,00
201Pennsylvania Railroad07.02.190175,00unsold
202Pennsylvania Railroad01.07.190175,00unsold
203Pennsylvania Railroad24.04.190375,00unsold
204Pennsylvania Railroad01.07.190375,0075,00
205Pennsylvania Railroad01.07.190375,00unsold
206Pennsylvania Railroad01.07.190375,00unsold
207Pennsylvania Railroad06.10.190375,00unsold
208Pennsylvania Railroad04.11.190375,00unsold
209Pennsylvania Railroad06.11.190375,0075,00
210Peoples Railway01.05.1882300,00300,00
211Peoria & Bureau Valley Railroad (OU Thomas Durant)13.08.187380,0095,00
212Pettengill Telegraph Revolver Co. (OU Pettengill)09.03.1858250,00250,00 n
213Philadelphia and Cripple Creek Cons. Gold Mining Co.05.02.1897240,00unsold
214Pittsburgh, Chartiers & Youghiogheny Railway01.04.1892120,00130,00
215Pittsburgh & Western Railway29.08.188775,00unsold
216Pittsburgh & Western Railway30.08.18871.200,00unsold
217Pizarro Gold and Silver Mining Co.26.08.1881120,00unsold
218Playboy Enterprises, Inc.22.10.197590,0090,00
219Porter Zinc and Lead Mining Co. (OU Porter)22.05.189180,00unsold
220Portland National Bank of Portland06.11.188980,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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