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FHW Auction catalog 120  

The after sale period of the auction has started.
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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
221Potomac Steam Boot Co. (OU C.C.Savage)13.02.1880340,00360,00
222R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. (OU R.J. Reynolds)15.03.1906750,00unsold
223Reliance Gold and Silver Mining Co. of Colorado13.05.186790,00unsold
224Remington Arms Company, Inc.01.05.1922150,00150,00
225Rhymer Gold Mining Co.12.12.1854150,00unsold
226Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad15.02.1878280,00320,00
227Ridgway Farm & Land Co.15.05.1856150,00150,00
228Rio Grande and Texas Land Company21.06.18362.800,002.800,00
229River Famine Gold Mining Co.13.04.1866150,00unsold
230Road-Runner Auto Co.70,0075,00
231Rock Island & Peoria Railway07.01.1878100,00unsold
232Rockdale Gold Mining23.05.1865150,00unsold
233Roman Brothers Silver Mining Co.03.08.1865100,00100,00
234Saint Helena Gold Mine01.06.188170,00unsold
235San Antonio & Gulf Railroad01.07.1897100,00100,00
236Schuyler's Steam Tow Boat Line (OU Schuyler)23.09.1879200,00200,00
237Sea-View Hotel Co. of Atlantic City02.06.1869100,00unsold
238Seattle, Port Angeles & Lake Crescent Railway17.03.1912200,00200,00
239Seward Peninsular Railway07.01.1907200,00220,00
240Silverthorn Lead Mining and Smelting Co.06.07.1867120,00unsold
241Speedway Park Association10.03.1915150,00unsold
242St. Louis, Indianapolis & Eastern Railroad01.03.1890300,00300,00
243St. Louis, Kansas & Arizona Railway19.08.1880500,00650,00
244Staten Island Midland Rail Road01.12.1890150,00unsold
245Taco Bell100,00unsold
246Taco Bell100,00100,00
247Tacony Driving Park Association02.04.1887400,00unsold
248Territory of Florida (Cr. 38A, R9) (OU Call, Gramble)01.01.1838120,00180,00
249Texas & Pacific Railway12.01.18761.500,00unsold
250The Pearl Gold and Silver Mining Co.24.10.1864150,00unsold
251Third National Bank of Sandusky19.02.188470,0070,00
252Thomaston National Bank24.11.191360,00unsold
253Union Bank03.06.1870100,00unsold
254United New Jersey Railroad & Canal Co. (OU J.J. Astor)20.09.1904150,00160,00
255United States of America - State of Connecticut (OU Hopkinson)27.12.1779240,00240,00
256US-Eisenbahnen ab 1900 - Konvolut (193 Stücke)250,00460,00
257US-Industrie ab 1940 - Konvolut (72 Stücke)100,00160,00
258USA ab 1950 - Konvolut (152 Stücke in 2 hochwertigen A4-Sammelalben)200,00270,00
259USA Banken (nur Nationalbanken) vor 1900 - Konvolut (42 Stücke)750,00unsold
260USA Banken vor 1860 - Konvolut (10 Stücke)300,00unsold
261USA Banken vor 1900 - Konvolut (13 Stücke)250,00unsold
262Utah & Pacific Railroad (OU E.H. Harriman)18.04.19011.800,00unsold
263Utica & Waterville Rail Road Co. (OU John Butterfield)01.01.1866160,00190,00
264Wagner Palace Car Co. (OU Webb, OU William Rockefeller)30.05.1888240,00280,00
265Washington Target-shooting Association10.11.1868300,00300,00
266Waterloo Mining Co.13.02.1885100,00120,00
267Wells Fargo & Company01.11.1973100,00unsold
268Westchester First National Corp.12.11.193075,0075,00
269Wrigley Pharmaceutical Co.02.12.192585,0085,00 n
270Wrigley Pharmaceutical Co.18.12.192875,0075,00
271American - Oriental Bank of Szechuen01.01.19291.500,001.500,00
272Chinese Government 5 % Reorganisation Gold Loan of 191321.05.1913200,00220,00
273Governement de la Republique Chinoise, C.d.F. Lung-Tsing-u-Hai-Eisenbahn01.09.1920480,00unsold
274Joint State-Private Guangshon Investment Co. Ltd.01.01.195580,00120,00
275New China Textile Co. Ltd.18.09.194460,0095,00
276Banque Mutuelle d’Etudes S.A.24.01.192160,00unsold
277C.A. d‘Entreprise du Sauvetage des Galions de Vigo15.09.1871100,00unsold
278Caisse Hypothecaire Canadienne20.01.191050,00unsold
279Canal de Richelieu09.05.1753400,00400,00
280Cie. de Navigation du Havre a Paris & Lyon S.A.01.08.188280,00unsold
281Cie. Franc. des Huileries & Savonneries de Tunisie15.11.191170,00unsold
282Cie. Maritime La Flotte Commerciale Soc. en comm.01.10.1851150,00unsold
283Football-Club Mulhouse 1893 Stade Bourtzwiller09.08.192170,00unsold
284Garden-Tennis Club de Cabourg S.A. (2 Stücke)60,00unsold
285Hotel George V16.05.193940,0050,00
286L'Hippodrome S.A.16.11.189880,00unsold
287La Vapeur S.A. Francaise21.06.190060,00unsold
288S.A. André Citroën26.09.193660,00unsold
289S.A. de la Cale de Radoub de Dunkerque25.07.187960,00unsold
290S.A. des Chalutiers à Vapeur Poret Lobez20.01.192060,00unsold
291S.A. des Chalutiers à Vapeur Poret Lobez05.08.192160,00unsold
292S.A. des Éts. "GRÜMMER" Carrosserie Automobile15.05.192080,0080,00
293S.A. des Terrains, Villas et Chalets d’Arcachon01.09.187950,00unsold
294Société de la Tour Eiffel S.A.01.01.196880,0090,00
295Société des Établissements Voss S.A.01.01.1920100,00unsold
296Société en Participation du Navire-Express-Rouleur Bazin15.12.1893500,00unsold
297Théatres de la Banlieue400,00400,00
298Anglo American Bank of Greece S.A.19.01.192550,00unsold
299J.D. Corcodilos & Sons Coal Trading & Shipping Co. (3 Stücke)90,00unsold
300Johannes Hering AG Brennstoffe13.07.194270,00unsold
301Australasian Pacific Mail Steam Packet Co.12.10.185280,00unsold
302Bridport Railway22.07.185780,0080,00
303Camwal Ltd.01.01.189860,00unsold
304Glasson's Penrith Breweries Ltd.06.05.189960,00unsold
305Greenock Steam Ship Co., Ltd.05.12.1887100,00unsold
306Greenwich Pier Company02.06.1840200,00unsold
307Hastings & St. Leonards Passanger Steamship Co.30.06.1885120,00unsold
308Improved Martin's Anchor Co.19.10.188650,00unsold
309Lemercier-Johnston Co.20.02.190240,0040,00
310Navarino Recovery, Ltd.11.07.192860,00unsold
311New English Bank of the River Plate19.05.189260,00unsold
312New Oriental Bank Corp.25.08.189060,0060,00 n
313Thames Iron Works Ship Building, Engineering & Dry Dock Co.20.04.186460,00110,00
314Tubular Twin-Screw Amidships Propulsion Co.14.11.189260,00unsold
315Witham Navigation01.10.181390,0090,00
316Azienda Assicuratrice05.01.1867120,00130,00
317Fabbrica Automobili e Velocipedi Edoardo Bianchi13.12.1955120,00140,00
318Industria Sarda Cioccolato ed Affini Coco & Cie.31.03.192560,0075,00
319Navigazione Generale Italiana S.A.26.02.194450,0065,00
320Officine Meccaniche Zanotta24.03.191960,00unsold
321Soc. Italiana Segnalatore Automatico01.01.1911200,00200,00
322Societa Anonima A. Bernardini & C. Industria Boschiva01.09.192960,00unsold
323Società Edison01.01.196050,00unsold
324Società Edison01.01.196050,00unsold
325Societá Tramvie Vicentine (2 Stücke)08.02.1907100,00100,00
326Stato Pontificio01.03.1824100,00unsold
327Ôsaka Nitrat-Industrie AG (Ôsaka Shôka kôgyô KK)15.06.1919120,00130,00
328South Sea Rubber Co.60,0060,00 n
329Yamaga ginko (Yamaga Bank)01.01.189080,0080,00 n
330Actienbrauerei in Smíchov14.03.193780,0080,00
All prices are in Euro

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