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FHW Auction catalog 101  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

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All prices are in Euro
LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
181Middleborough and Taunton Railroad01.05.185760,0075,00
182Milford & Matamoras Railroad01.09.1871750,00750,00
183Milwaukee and Horicon Rail Road01.07.1856200,00220,00
184Mobile & Alabama Grand Trunk Railroad01.04.1874150,00unsold
185Moore Motor Vehicle Co.31.08.1917150,00unsold
186Moore Motor Vehicle Co.31.08.1917150,00unsold
187Mount Vernon Rail Road04.02.1860600,00unsold
188Nashville, Tellico & Charleston Railway Co.01.02.1893150,00unsold
189National Bank of Kansas City06.11.1891375,00450,00
190National Consolidated Oil Co.02.04.190275,00unsold
191Nevada Gold Coin Mining Co.21.06.190750,0050,00
192New England Cold Storage Co.01.07.1913250,00unsold
193New Jersey Junction Railroad (OU John Pierpont Morgan)30.06.1886150,00unsold
194New Orleans Great Northern Railroad01.11.191350,0060,00
195New Orleans, Mobile & Chattanooga Railroad20.02.1871600,00unsold
196New York and Erie Railroad (City of Auburn)01.07.1853200,00250,00
197New York Auto-Telegraph Co.08.12.1885250,00unsold
198New York & Boston Railroad16.12.1864200,00unsold
199New York & British Guiana Gold Mining Co.01.12.1894160,00160,00
200New York & Oswego Midland Rail Road (County of Chenango)01.01.186890,00unsold
201New York, Pennsylvania & Ohio Railroad07.05.1880100,00unsold
202New York, Pittsburgh & Chicago Railway26.07.1881150,00unsold
203New-York Bay Cemetery Co.13.12.1850250,00380,00
204Newhall Oil Co.09.06.190060,00unsold
205Newport News and Mississippi Valley Co.26.09.1889180,00unsold
206Norfolk & Western Railway22.10.1896100,00120,00
207North-East Pennsylvania Railroad12.09.1890125,00125,00
208Northern Liberties Railroad01.05.1851150,00150,00 n
209Ocean Steam Navigation Co.12.09.1861400,00unsold
210Ocean Steamship Company of Savannah27.03.1911150,00150,00
211Ohio Valley Rail Road01.07.1862250,00unsold
212Oil Mountain Petroleum Co.28.08.188880,0080,00
213Oklahoma Central Railway01.12.1905100,00100,00
214Oklahoma Oil Company20.05.191860,00unsold
215Omaha, Abilene & Wichita Railway13.04.1886150,00unsold
216Oriental Gold Mining Co.24.05.1881150,00150,00
217Pacific Express Co.03.08.1894600,00unsold
218Palace Marine Berth Co.03.11.1885250,00unsold
219Pan-American Exposition Co.24.05.1900140,00unsold
220Pennsylvania Imperial Oil Co.19.05.1865150,00unsold
221Pere Marquette Railroad29.12.1899150,00150,00
222Pittsburgh & Moon Run Railroad08.02.1900125,00160,00
223Pomeroy & Newark Railroad03.01.1882100,00120,00
224Porpoise Fishing Co.10.01.1885800,001.200,00
225Postal Telegraph Co.26.01.1882125,00unsold
226Quaker State Oil Refining Corp.01.01.1960200,00unsold
227Quartz Mountain Gold Mininig Co.20.09.1881240,00unsold
228Remington Arms Company, Inc.01.05.1922500,00unsold
229Rhode Island & Massachusetts Railroad24.09.1877200,00unsold
230Rhode Island & Massachusetts Railroad12.05.1881150,00150,00
231Richmond & West Point Terminal Railway & Warehouse Co.01.03.1889350,00350,00
232Ringling Bros. - Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows Inc.01.01.1970150,00unsold
233Rio Grande Gold Mining Co.04.10.1899800,001.300,00
234Robinson-Foster Electric Railway Motor Co.07.05.1889300,00550,00
235Rochester Lincoln Hill Gold and Silver Mining Co.31.03.191350,0050,00
236Rock Port, Langdon & Northern Railway31.12.1890180,00unsold
237Rome City Street Railway27.03.1893150,00180,00
238Royal Soap Co.06.10.1881120,00unsold
239Saint Louis, Avoyelles & Southwestern Railroad20.05.1895100,00100,00
240San Francisco and Marysville Rail Road (County of Yuba)24.02.1859200,00200,00
241Schweitzer Patent Bolt Co.16.11.1867300,00unsold
242Silverton, Gladstone & Northerly Railroad01.08.1899480,00480,00
243Snohomish Valley Railway01.01.1906120,00120,00
244South Carolina Railway01.11.188150,00unsold
245South Porto Rico Sugar Co.12.06.1902150,00210,00
246Southern Pacific Railroad28.11.1856250,00unsold
247Southern Pacific Railroad01.01.1858100,00unsold
248Southern Pacific Railroad (State of Texas)24.05.1869450,00unsold
249Southern Pennsylvania Iron & Railroad Co.01.09.1870200,00unsold
250Southern Railway03.01.1930100,00100,00
251Southern Standard Oil Co.02.04.1902100,00unsold
252Southern Trans-Continental Railway13.11.1871125,00135,00
253St. Croix and Lake Superior Railroad01.02.1866180,00unsold
254St. Joseph & Iowa Railroad12.06.188560,0063,00
255St. Louis & Birmingham Iron Mines Co.30.07.1847350,00unsold
256St. Louis Bridge Company10.02.1887100,00unsold
257Standard Oil Co.06.05.18753.000,00unsold
258State of Louisiana01.01.187680,0080,00
259Staten Island Midland Rail Road01.12.1890350,00unsold
260Susquehanna & Clearfield Railroad14.01.1884180,00unsold
261Territory of Florida (Cr. 38A, R9)01.01.1838200,00200,00
262Texarkana, Shreveport & Natchez Railway25.01.1899150,00170,00
263The Merchants Bank28.03.1872200,00220,00
264Toledo, Logansport & Burlington Railroad13.10.1865100,00unsold
265Toledo, Tiffin & Eastern Railroad07.02.1872150,00unsold
266Town of Petersburgh01.07.186790,00unsold
267Troy & Lansingburgh Railroad01.02.1868100,00unsold
268Tuckerton Railroad01.04.1871150,00unsold
269Tyrone and Lockhaven Railroad08.03.1859350,00350,00 n
270Union Bank23.07.1860200,00260,00
All prices are in Euro

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