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FHW Auction catalog 79  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
401Virginia & Tennessee Railroad02.12.186980,00unsold
402Vulcan Mining Co.20.05.1848175,00unsold
403Wabash Pittsburgh Terminal Railway10.05.190470,0070,00 v
404Wabash Railroad01.04.1890125,00125,00
405Walla Walla Valley Traction Co.29.05.1907125,00unsold
406Walnut Island Oil Co.01.02.1865180,00unsold
407Warren Railroad01.08.1900160,00unsold
408Washington Central Railway01.08.1898150,00unsold
409Washington & Columbia River Railway01.10.190790,00unsold
410Washington & Oregon Railway29.07.1901350,00350,00
411Washington Target Shooting Association01.05.1880325,00unsold
412Weems Steamboat Co. of Baltimore City09.01.1891330,00unsold
413West Shore Railway04.03.189690,00unsold
414West Side Belt Railroad01.01.189875,0080,00 v
415West Virginia Coal, Iron and Lumber Co.10.05.189075,0075,00
416West Virginia Midland Railroad02.04.190680,00unsold
417Western Air Line Construction10.10.1881120,00unsold
418Western Dakota Railway05.07.1906240,00240,00
419Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co.01.01.1950100,00unsold
420Wheeling Terminal Railway29.04.1914120,00unsold
421Wildwood Water Company30.10.191245,00unsold
422Wilkes-Barre & Eastern Railroad02.01.1907125,00unsold
423Willys Corp.14.10.1922100,00100,00
424Willys-Overland Co.13.02.192490,00unsold
425Winchester Repeating Arms Co.06.03.192980,00unsold
426Winchester Repeating Arms Co.03.06.192980,00unsold
427Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Railroad01.07.190185,0085,00
428Woodruff Sleeping and Parlor Coach Co.31.03.1888120,00120,00
429Woodstock & Blocton Railway01.05.195685,00unsold
430World's Columbian Exposition30.07.1892450,00450,00
431Yahoo! Inc.04.09.200275,00unsold
432Yellowstone Park Association01.06.1885700,001.050,00
433Yellowstone Park Boat Co.01.01.1910350,00unsold
434Confederate States of America, Cr. 7 (R6) - Ball 6 (R4-)01.05.1861160,00unsold
435Confederate States of America, Cr. 8 (R6) - Ball 9 (R3+)01.05.186150,0050,00
436Confederate States of America, Cr. 21 (R6) - Ball 130 (R7-)21.10.186270,00unsold
437Confederate States of America, Cr. 46 (R7) - Ball 122 (R5)15.01.186375,00unsold
438Confederate States of America, Cr. 59 (R7) - Ball 65 (R5-)03.02.186350,00unsold
439Confederate States of America, Cr. 83 (R7) - Ball 53 (R4+)01.03.1862125,00125,00 n
440Confederate States of America, Cr. 101 (R5) - Ball 127 (R4+)01.11.186240,00unsold
441Confederate States of America, Cr. 110 (R9) - Ball 147 (R6-)01.05.1862700,00700,00
442Confederate States of America, Cr. 122 A (R9) - Ball 240 (R7+)02.03.186350,0050,00
443Confederate States of America, Cr. 125 (R2) - Ball 201 (R3-)02.03.186360,00unsold
444Confederate States of America, Cr. 154 (R2) - Ball 366 (R3)09.03.186550,0050,00
445Confederate States of America, Cr. 165 (R9) - Ball 383 (R7-)01.07.1864125,00125,00 n
446State of South Carolina, Cr. 69A (R6)01.01.1869100,00unsold
447State of South Carolina, Cr. 69B (R6)01.01.1869100,00unsold
448State of South Carolina, Cr. 71A (R2)01.04.187180,00unsold
449State of South Carolina, Cr. 87E (R8)24.12.1887100,00100,00
450State of South Carolina, Cr. 92E (R8)22.12.1892100,00unsold
451Accessory Transit Co. (of Nicaragua)13.11.18551.400,001.500,00
452American Express Co.10.03.1854850,00unsold
453American Express Co.01.04.1863400,00unsold
454American Express Co.11.04.1864950,00950,00
455American Express Co.26.02.1866550,00unsold
456American Merchants Union Express Co.30.12.1868250,00unsold
457Central Union Depot & Railway Co. of Cincinnati27.04.1888170,00unsold
458Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad23.11.1880220,00290,00
459E. Remington & Sons01.11.18821.500,00unsold
460Getty Oil Company24.02.1920500,00unsold
461Houston & Texas Central Railway20.06.1873425,00425,00
462Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway25.03.1880480,00480,00
463Mound City Railway05.06.1885200,00unsold
464New York, Pittsburgh & Chicago Railway26.07.1881160,00unsold
465Pullman Southern Car Co.15.07.1876150,00150,00
466Rio Grande and Texas Land Company21.06.18366.000,00unsold
467Standard Oil Trust01.01.18901.450,00unsold
468State of Texas02.02.18611.500,001.500,00
469Texas & New Orleans Railroad (of 1874)01.12.1883600,00unsold
470Thomas A. Edison Incorp.20.12.19171.800,00unsold
471Thomas A. Edison Incorp.09.07.19251.200,00unsold
472Victor Pagé Motors Corp.25.04.1923375,00unsold
473Wilmington & Manchester Railroad07.05.1866250,00250,00
474Bourse des Merchandises d'Alexandrie01.09.194250,00unsold
475Cairo Electric Railways and Heliopolis Oases Co.15.03.190650,00unsold
476Egyptian Land and General Trust Ltd.30.12.190790,0090,00
477Marconi Radio Telegraph Co. of Egypt20.12.1926100,00100,00
478S.A. des Grands Garages d'Egypte26.04.190650,0050,00
479Soc. Financière d'Égypte S.A.06.01.186360,00unsold
480Travaux d'Irrigation du Gouvernement Égyptien29.08.189960,0060,00
481Banco Edificador del Plata22.12.191050,00unsold
482Banco Latino del Plata04.06.190765,00unsold
483Campos Eliseos S.A.08.05.1889110,00110,00
484Cia. Sud Americana de Billetes de Banco S.A.01.07.1890150,00unsold
485Compania “RIO PEREZ” de Lavaderos de Oro01.06.190770,00unsold
486Ehlert Nash Motors S.A. de Automoviles01.07.1930180,00180,00
487Estancias Amberenses Sud-Americanas S.A.31.10.1898125,00unsold
488Ferro Carril Central de Buenos Aires Ltda.21.07.193170,00unsold
489“La Hecto” Compania de Seguros Generales20.12.191860,0060,00
490LA MUNDIAL Compania de Seguros05.06.192445,00unsold
491La Platense Flotilla Co.20.03.188650,0050,00
492Pesquerias y Fabricas Juncal S.A.15.07.195170,00unsold
493S.A. Azucarera Argentina27.06.1911125,00125,00
494S.A. Compania Puerto Ibapobó08.04.191970,0070,00
495S.A. Savoy Hotel y Anexos de Tucuman30.04.190940,00unsold
496Automobiles Vivinus S.A.07.03.190875,00unsold
497Cie. des Actionnaires de la Route de Liége à Maestricht par Visé01.01.1848350,00350,00
498Cie. des Cales d’Anvers15.05.190275,00unsold
499Cie. du Caoutchouc Monopole du Portugal S.A.25.03.1898120,00unsold
500Continental Hall Signal Co. S.A.09.07.189870,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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