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FHW Auction catalog 81  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
401Confederate States of America, Cr. 81 (R7) - Ball 47 (R5-)08.02.1862100,00100,00 n
402Confederate States of America, Cr. 84 (R7) - Ball 56 (R5)21.07.1862100,00110,00
403Confederate States of America, Cr. 92 (R6) - Ball 91 (R4)07.01.186350,0050,00
404Confederate States of America, Cr. 110 (R9) - Ball 147 (R6-)01.05.1862700,00750,00
405Confederate States of America, Cr. 122 (R4) - Ball 241 (R2+)02.03.186350,0050,00 n
406Confederate States of America, Cr. 124 A (R4) - Ball 191 (R5)02.03.186360,0060,00 n
407Confederate States of America, Cr. 127 (R5) - Ball 258 (R4+)07.08.1863150,00150,00 n
408Confederate States of America, Cr. 132 (R10) - Ball 271 (R7+)01.04.1863400,00400,00
409Confederate States of America, Cr. 139 (R9) - Ball 284 (R6+)28.02.1861300,00unsold
410Confederate States of America, Cr. 140 (R4) / Ball 285 (R7-)28.02.1861200,00unsold
411Confederate States of America, Cr. 143 (R4) - Ball 305 (R6)01.03.186440,0046,00
412Confederate States of America, Cr. 143 C (R4) - Ball 313 (R4+)01.03.186440,0046,00
413Confederate States of America, Cr. 153 (R2) - Ball 363 (R6-)09.03.186585,0085,00 n
414Confederate States of America, Cr. 162 F (R5) - Ball 349 (R6)02.09.1864125,00unsold
415Confederate States of America, Cr. 164 (R11) - Ball 383 (R7-)01.07.1864300,00300,00 n
416Confederate States of America, Cr. 166 (R9) - Ball 384 (R4+)01.07.1864400,00430,00
417Confederate States of America, Cr. 175 (R10)01.05.1884100,00unsold
418Confederate States of America, Cr. 175 A03.05.1887120,00130,00
419Addison & Pennsylvania Railway01.10.1892250,00unsold
420Atlantic & Western Railroad Co. of Florida01.03.18942.500,002.500,00
421Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis & Chicago Railway (OU Stuyvesant Fish)06.08.1888150,00unsold
422Denver, Texas & Fort Worth Railroad31.08.1887400,00400,00
423Denver, Texas & Fort Worth Railroad31.12.1888400,00unsold
424Fort Worth & Denver City Railway03.08.1896550,00unsold
425Lawson Airplane Co.01.04.1921600,00unsold
426Louisville & Northern Railway & Lighting Co. (OU Samuel Insull)03.12.1906280,00300,00
427New England Gold and Silver Mining Co.13.10.1890220,00unsold
428Newport News and Mississippi Valley Co.26.09.1889250,00250,00
429Pan Motor Co.20.08.1917300,00unsold
430Pennsylvania Company01.07.1873240,00240,00
431Southern Pacific Railroad16.08.1870750,00820,00
432St. John’s Railway22.06.18741.000,001.060,00
433Standard Oil Company (OU John D. Rockefeller, Henry M. Flagler & Jabez A. Bostwick)11.01.18775.000,006.500,00
434Standard Oil Trust (OU John D. Rockefeller, Henry M. Flagler, Jabez A. Bostwick & H. H. Rogers)15.02.18832.500,002.600,00
435Toledo, Logansport & Burlington Railroad (OU Thomas Scott + Morris K. Jesup)13.10.1865400,00unsold
436United States of America (OU Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna)28.06.18661.250,00unsold
437Wilmington & Northern Railroad07.02.1890150,00150,00
438Campos Eliseos S.A.08.05.1889100,00120,00
439Cia. Mercantil Chubut S.A.03.05.191950,0050,00
440Cia. Sud Americana de Billetes de Banco S.A.01.07.1890160,00unsold
441City of Rosario10.04.1908100,00100,00
442Empresa de Minas de Uspallata10.06.1825280,00unsold
443Ingenio y Refineria Santa Ana Hileret y Cia. Ltda. S.A.17.07.191250,0060,00
444Province of Corrientes15.12.191075,0075,00
445Provinz Buenos Aires01.11.191075,0075,00
446S.A. Malecon y Puerto Norte de Buenos Aires15.07.188980,00unsold
447Sociedad Azucarera Argentina01.12.1886100,00120,00
448Sociedad Filantropia Argentina30.09.1880175,00unsold
449Baltische Leinenmanufaktur Co. “Kengeragge”01.01.192960,00unsold
450Banque de Commerce de Lettonie28.04.192350,0050,00
451Holzindustrie AG Narova vorm. A.P. Kotschnew01.01.192260,0060,00 n
452Latvijas Tautas Bankas02.09.192690,00unsold
453Republic of Estonia01.07.192790,0090,00 n
454Beth Israel31.10.193060,00unsold
455Cie. d’Assurance maritime et d’Incendie de l’Escaut20.03.1821550,00unsold
456Jardin Zoologique de Bruxelles S.A.10.12.1935120,00unsold
457Koninklijke Maatschappij voor Dierkunde van Antwerpen Onroerend Patrimonium N.V.01.01.1985900,001.050,00
458L'AFRICAINE Banque d’Etudes et d'Entreprises Coloniales S.A.31.08.189880,0080,00
459S. A. des Horloges de Précision Système Normal Zeit20.03.190375,0090,00
460S.A. des Panoramas de Londres20.11.1879240,00unsold
461S.A. John Cockerill01.04.1937200,00unsold
462Soc. Nouvelle Minerva S.A.15.10.194175,00unsold
463Société du Nouveau Cirque S.A.16.06.1894280,00unsold
464Société Génerale de Belgique10.05.1929250,00unsold
465Société Royale de Zoologie d'Anvers01.01.1944500,00500,00
466Yacht Club d'Ostende15.04.190565,00unsold
467Banco do Brasil01.01.1853250,00250,00
468Brazilian Traction, Light & Power Co.01.11.193080,00unsold
469Cia. das Minas de Carvao de Pedra26.04.188475,0075,00
470Cia. Metropolitana da Bahia30.07.1894100,00unsold
471Cia. Uniao de Materiaes de Construccao01.07.189175,00unsold
472City of Rio de Janeiro31.01.1912200,00850,00
473City of San Paulo Improvements & Freehold Land Co.30.04.1913125,00unsold
474Etat de Sao-Paulo (Cie. des C. d. F. Nord de Sao-Paulo)15.03.1911150,00unsold
475Gouvernement des Etats Unis du Bresil24.07.1909140,00unsold
476Gouvernement des Etats Unis du Bresil05.03.1910225,00unsold
477Port of Para12.09.190645,00unsold
478Port of Para24.12.191865,00unsold
479Rio de Janeiro Suburban Tramways Ltd.03.04.191180,0080,00
480San Paulo Match Factory Ltd.03.08.1906120,00120,00
481San Paulo Match Factory Ltd.03.08.1906150,00unsold
482Sociedade Commercio Bahia01.09.1860100,00unsold
483Banque de Commerce et de Céréales S.A.01.02.191975,0075,00
484Banque de Rose S.A.01.09.1917100,00unsold
485Bulgarisch-böhmische AG für Zuckerindustrie12.05.193830,0030,00 v
486Sostwenitscher Volksbank14.08.194075,00unsold
487Banque de Tabac “Plovdiv”01.01.191775,00unsold
488Chinese Government Loan (Skoda Loan II)30.09.192560,00unsold
489Chinese Government Loan (Skoda Loan II)30.09.192560,00unsold
490Chinese Government Loan (Skoda Loan II)30.09.192560,00unsold
491Chinese Imperial Railway Gold Loan (Imperial Railways of North China)01.07.1899100,00130,00
492Heng Da Xin Ji Spinning and Weaving Co.01.01.1945160,00170,00
493Imperial Chinese Government 5 % Tientsin-Pukow Railway Loan01.09.190860,00unsold
494Pekin Syndicate, Ltd.24.10.190660,00unsold
495Shanghai Telephone Company01.05.1933180,00180,00
496Aéro France S.A.25.02.193240,0045,00
497Aéro France S.A.25.02.193240,0040,00
498Automobiles "Belgica" S.A. Franco-Belge - de Construction Automobile08.08.1902130,00unsold
499Banque des Chemins de Fer d’Interet Local20.12.1869200,00unsold
500C.d.F. de Paris à Sceaux S.A.08.10.1846250,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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