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FHW Auction catalog 81  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
601England War Loan 193201.01.194780,00unsold
602England War Loan 193201.01.194780,00unsold
603Fish-Oil & Guano Co.26.04.189850,0055,00
604Gibbs & Flew Ltd.30.08.188340,00unsold
605Goonvean China Clay & Stone Co.09.02.190980,0080,00
606Grand Lodge of Scotland11.07.1865280,00unsold
607Green Dragon Posting Co.10.03.186880,00unsold
608Hambro Trust Ltd.02.06.194740,0040,00 v
609Harper Bean Limited23.12.1920100,00unsold
610Hooper's Telegraph Works Ltd.22.02.1872120,00unsold
611International Land Credit Co.26.04.1864240,00unsold
612John Abbot & Co. Ltd.14.12.186460,00unsold
613John Holt & Co., Liverpool Ltd.06.11.195040,00unsold
614London Mortgage & Guarantee Society21.03.186560,00unsold
615Manchester Carriage Co.24.07.187770,0066,00
616Manchester Carriage Co.14.05.187945,00unsold
617Maxim-Weston Electric Co.31.12.188680,00unsold
618Mont-de-Piété of England Ltd.15.11.188950,00unsold
619National Agricultural Hall Co.18.11.188760,0060,00
620New Zealand Midland Railway Co.20.09.1895200,00unsold
621Nineteenth Century Building Society Inc.07.11.192930,0030,00
622North British Fishing Boat Insurance Co.07.03.190150,0050,00
623North British Fishing Boat Insurance Co.18.01.191040,0040,00
624Robert Stephenson & Co.10.06.190490,00110,00
625Royal Horticultural Society02.07.1861250,00unsold
626Silkstone & Dodworth Coal & Iron Co.18.06.187340,0040,00
627Southall Ealing & Shepherds Bush Tram Railway Co.08.07.187060,00unsold
628Staffordshire Joint Stock Bank Ltd.01.01.1864100,00100,00
629Straker-Squire Ltd.31.03.192675,00unsold
630Swansea Dock Co.21.08.184760,00unsold
631Tees Side Iron & Engine Works Co.10.01.189060,00unsold
632The Great Ship Company Ltd.01.03.1859100,00100,00
633The Stock Exchange01.01.1899750,00unsold
634Warner’s Radio & Electrical Ltd.13.04.193760,0070,00
635Wisbech Corn Exchange Co.19.03.185750,00unsold
636Indian Carrying Co.01.01.186260,0060,00
637Lunawada Shri Sir Wakhatsinghji Factory Co. Ltd.75,0083,00
638New Kempinkote Gold Fields Ltd.28.11.190530,0030,00
639Oriental Mining Company Ltd.15.01.190880,0080,00
640Binyan Haaretz Ltd.01.10.1926150,00180,00
641Government of Palestine03.04.194575,00130,00
642Government of Palestine15.05.194575,00unsold
643Kupat Ashrai (shel Haredei Polania Beeretz Israel)20.10.1939150,00190,00
644Metropolin Bank Ltd.24.01.1928350,00unsold
645Staat Israel31.05.195580,00unsold
646State of Israel01.08.196760,0060,00
647Acciaierie e Ferriere di Novi Ligure S.A.10.07.192480,00unsold
648Dinamite Nobel S.A.01.07.193570,00unsold
649Ferrovia da Pinerolo a Torino26.06.1853225,00unsold
650FIAT S.p.A.01.05.1961750,00750,00
651FIDES Fabbrica di Automobili Marca Brasier S.A.31.03.1906240,00unsold
652Italian Sulphur Co.01.07.1875120,00unsold
653La Virginia Societa Industriale di Miniere in Valsassina, Presso Lecco Giacomo Streiff e Comp.03.07.1862140,00140,00
654Marchand Fabbrica di Automobili Motociclette Biciclette S.A.01.05.1905450,00450,00
655S.A. Cooperativa per la Produzione di Luce e Forza elettrica Torre Pellice12.04.1899100,00unsold
656S.A. Italiana per l’Impianto e l’Esercizio del Giardino Zoologico in Roma01.03.1909650,00unsold
657S.A. la Ligure Miniere nella Provincia di S. Remo27.06.1854400,00unsold
658Soc. Adriatica per Pesca e Trasporti15.03.1918500,00500,00
659Società Eritrea per le Miniere d`Oro S.A.16.10.1906125,00unsold
660Tramway Électriques de Rome à Civita Castellana S.A.12.10.190780,00unsold
661Imperial Japanese Government25.04.1905200,00200,00 n
662Industrial Bank of Japan01.12.1906175,00unsold
663KK Komatsu Seisakusho (Komatsu Manufacturing Co.)01.01.196080,0080,00
664Oriental Development Company (TÔYÔ TAKUSHOKU KK)15.03.1923800,00unsold
665Präfektur Osaka, Stadt Osaka01.02.196575,0075,00
666Homolsker Privredne Banka01.06.192850,00unsold
667Kingdom of Yugoslavia01.11.193275,0075,00
668Königreich der Serben, Kroaten und Slowenen18.06.1921120,00unsold
669Königreich der Serben, Kroaten und Slowenen18.06.1921160,00unsold
670Pucka Trgovinska Banka D.D. (Volks-Handelsbank AG)01.01.192260,0060,00 n
671Bingo Gold Mines Limited01.09.192225,00unsold
672Canadian Pacific Railway24.12.1902200,00330,00
673Canadian Pacific Railway02.03.1914200,00330,00
674Canadian Pacific Railway05.11.200150,00120,00
675Ford Motor Co. of Canada Ltd.01.01.1929120,00unsold
676Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. of Canada01.01.1925240,00unsold
677Nortel Networks Corp.11.09.200280,00unsold
678North Saskatchewan Land Co.09.12.1911125,00unsold
679Northern Light, Power & Coal Co.06.10.1909100,00155,00
680AG der Kleinmünchner Baumwollspinnerei und mechanischen Weberei01.08.195975,00unsold
681AG der Kleinmünchner Baumwollspinnerei und mechanischen Weberei01.08.195960,00unsold
682AG der Wiener Ziegelwerke27.12.1921200,00200,00
683AG Elektrizitätswerk Wels01.07.192390,00unsold
684AG Elektrizitätswerk Wels01.07.192390,0090,00
685AG Elektrizitätswerk Wels08.10.193070,00unsold
686Aktien-Bank “Bohemia”01.01.1920150,00unsold
687Arader Gewerbe- und Volksbank (Aradi Ipar- és Népbank)01.01.190745,0045,00
688Arader Gewerbe- und Volksbank (Aradi Ipar- és Népbank)31.01.191145,00unsold
689Arader Gewerbe- und Volksbank (Aradi Ipar- és Népbank)15.11.191145,00unsold
690Austro-Orientalische Handels-AG15.04.1908140,00unsold
691Banco giro di Venezia01.10.179880,0086,00
692Banco giro di Venezia01.10.179880,0086,00
693Bayerische Granit-AG01.10.195775,0075,00
694Bayerische Granit-AG01.10.195775,0095,00
695Békés-Csanáder Local-Eisenbahn AG15.10.1893160,00unsold
696Bicskei Takarékpénztár (Bicskeer Sparkasse)30.04.192660,0060,00
697BIHOREANA Spar- und Credit-Institut AG (BIHOREANA Institutului du Credit si Economii)01.10.1898180,00180,00
698Brauerei Schwechat AG01.03.196880,00unsold
699City of Vienna01.11.1927140,00unsold
700Congregatie der Dochters der Goddelijke Liefde (Gesellschaft der Töchter der Göttlichen Liebe) - 3 Stücke01.02.1927100,00100,00
All prices are in Euro

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