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FHW Auction catalog 93  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

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All prices are in Euro
LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
91Monte Christo Gold and Silver Mining Co. of Nevada05.11.1868200,00unsold
92Mount Pleasant & Sea View City Railroad01.01.1893180,00unsold
93National Airlines Inc.11.05.1944180,00unsold
94National Land & Improvement Co. of Colorado07.07.1883100,00100,00
95National Metropolitan Bank22.05.187780,00unsold
96New Albany & Salem Railroad01.12.1855200,00unsold
97New Haven, Middletown & Willimantic Railroad01.07.1871200,00unsold
98New Jersey & New York Railroad03.04.1880140,00unsold
99New Orleans, Mobile & Texas Railroad08.10.1873160,00160,00 n
100New Orleans & Northwestern Railroad15.12.1902350,00350,00
101New York and Nova Scotia Iron and Coal, Mining and Manufacturing Co.01.08.1876180,00unsold
102New York Auto-Telegraph Co.08.12.1885250,00unsold
103Newport News and Mississippi Valley Co.26.09.1889180,00180,00 n
104Ogdensburgh & Lake Champlain Railroad01.01.1888150,00unsold
105Oklahoma Central Railway01.12.1905150,00150,00
106Old Staten Island Dyeing Establishment29.03.1888145,00unsold
107Oneida National Bank01.02.1875140,00160,00
108Oregon Gold Mining Co.14.09.1887200,00unsold
109Philadelphia Electric Power Co. + National Power & Light Co. (7x ABNC-Specimen)100,00unsold
110Philadelphia, Lancaster & Cherry Run Oil Co.21.11.1865240,00unsold
111Pittsburgh Aeroplane & Motor Co.03.03.1921180,00180,00
112Playboy Enterprises, Inc.01.01.197090,00unsold
113Playboy Enterprises, Inc.18.09.1989150,00170,00
114Plymouth, Kankakee & Pacific Railroad01.07.1871180,00unsold
115Pneumatic Gun-Carriage and Power Co.27.10.1897200,00unsold
116Port Angeles & Olympia Railway14.06.1906180,00unsold
117Pratt & Whitney Co.01.01.1896150,00unsold
118Pueblo & Arkansas Valley Railroad01.11.1875150,00150,00
119Puget Sound & Cascade Railway20.09.1927100,00110,00
120Quicksilver Mining Co.20.02.1896150,00150,00
121Raritan & Delaware Bay Railroad07.01.18641.200,00unsold
122Rio Grande and Texas Land Company21.06.18366.000,00unsold
123Robert Smith India Pale Ale Brewing Co.07.05.18911.500,00unsold
124Roberts Petroleum Torpedo Co.14.04.1865500,00500,00
125Rocky Mountain Railroad29.02.1896120,00unsold
126Roswell Railroad20.08.1879250,00unsold
127Scharf Gearless Motor Car Co.03.07.1913180,00unsold
128Sealshipt Oyster System06.12.1912180,00unsold
129Seattle, Lake Shore & Eastern Railway01.01.188540,0048,00
130Seattle, Lake Shore & Eastern Railway19.07.188780,00unsold
131Second National Bank of Cooperstown22.01.1891100,00140,00
132Shenandoah Irrigation and Land Co.05.02.1897145,00unsold
133South Carolina Railway01.11.188190,00unsold
134South Mountain Railroad01.02.1873250,00250,00
135Southern Belt Railway29.02.1904150,00unsold
136Southern Pacific Railroad28.11.1856300,00unsold
137St. Louis, Alton & Springfield Railroad01.09.1887125,00unsold
138St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern Railway06.06.1874250,00270,00
139Star Oil Co.31.03.1865180,00unsold
140State Fair of Texas04.10.1909180,00unsold
141State of Connecticut01.06.178260,0060,00
142State of Connecticut15.09.179040,00unsold
143State of New-York18.07.186550,00unsold
144Stockton Hotel and Improvement Co. of Cape May29.02.187260,0060,00 n
145Tacoma Eastern Railroad18.02.1903180,00190,00
146Third National Bank of Sandusky19.02.1884100,00unsold
147Tioga Railroad22.10.1885150,00unsold
148Toledo, Delphos & Burlington Railroad16.05.1881125,00125,00 v
149Transcontinental Aerial Navigation Co.01.08.1888600,00600,00
150Treasurer of the State of Pennsylvania - School Department Harrisburg04.08.186440,00unsold
151Troy & Lansingburgh Railroad01.02.1868100,00100,00
152Union Bank of South-Carolina11.07.1833400,00unsold
153Union Phosphate Mining & Land Co.19.05.1884120,00unsold
154United Railroads of Washington23.03.1893280,00280,00
155United States Hotel Co.09.06.1883200,00unsold
156United States Mail Steamship Co.18.02.1884300,00unsold
157Vermont Central Railroad01.06.1850250,00unsold
158Washington, Alexandria & Georgetown Railroad22.11.1872200,00200,00
159West Spanish Peak Mining Co.17.06.1890250,00unsold
160Western Air Lines, Inc.01.01.1965250,00250,00
161Wild Horse Cattle Co.28.06.1885500,00500,00
162Wilmington & Manchester Railroad07.05.1866180,00unsold
163Winfield, Texas & Gulf Railway12.12.1903120,00unsold
164Withers Mining Company20.12.18562.500,002.500,00
165Wyandotte & South-Eastern Railway27.01.1903125,00unsold
166Yellowstone Park Association12.08.1885500,00unsold
167Yellowstone Park Hotel Co.01.01.1900220,00unsold
168York and Gettysburg Turnpike Road01.07.182190,00unsold
169York and Gettysburg Turnpike Road06.07.182190,00unsold
170Anglo-Egyptian Oilfields Ltd.02.09.193640,0044,00
171Egyptian Government19.04.1877180,00unsold
172Egyptian Improvements Corporation S.A. Immobilière Egyptienne15.04.190650,00unsold
173Electric Light and Power Supply Co.10.03.193350,0060,00 v
174Fayoum Light Railways Co. S.A.01.10.189950,00unsold
175Banco de Crédito Real15.09.188750,0051,00
176Compania Docks de Transito del Puerto de La Plata01.09.188960,00unsold
177Compania Minera S.A. Nueva Concordia05.11.191060,00unsold
178Ingenio y Refineria Santa Ana Hileret y Cia. Ltda. S.A.23.04.191380,00unsold
179Provinz Buenos Aires01.10.1886120,00120,00
180S.A. The American Quebracho Company01.04.190750,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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