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FHW Auction catalog 123  

This auction is finished. If you are interested
in one of these lots, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We try to arrange something for you.

Please click on the lot number for further details.

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LotDescriptionDateStarting priceSold
1321Rickenbacker Motor Co.24.09.1923150,00150,00
1322Rickenbacker Motor Co.03.11.1926100,00unsold
1323Riley (Coventry) Ltd.10.04.1934100,00unsold
1324Ringhoffer-Werke AG04.05.1911100,00110,00
1325Ringhoffer-Werke AG04.05.1911100,00110,00
1326Ringhoffer-Werke AG01.06.192350,0050,00
1327Roamer Motor Car Co.16.07.1923180,00unsold
1328Rölke & Randt AG16.08.192350,00unsold
1329Rolls-Royce Ltd.21.08.19341.000,00unsold
1330Rolls-Royce Ltd.10.07.1956400,00unsold
1331Rolls-Royce Ltd.25.06.1971100,00340,00
1332Rolls-Royce Ltd.01.01.197150,0050,00
1333Rolls-Royce Motor Holdings Ltd.01.01.1976100,00unsold
1334Rolls-Royce of America, Inc.25.05.1920300,00300,00
1335Rolls-Royce of America, Inc.24.11.1925500,00500,00
1336Rostocker Carosserie-, Wagen- und Maschinenfabrik AG vorm. Herm. Schmidt01.12.192250,00unsold
1337Rostocker Carosserie-, Wagen- und Maschinenfabrik AG vorm. Herm. Schmidt01.04.192340,00unsold
1338Rostocker Carosserie-, Wagen- und Maschinenfabrik AG vorm. Herm. Schmidt01.04.192340,0040,00
1339Roues Détachables Rudge-Whitworth S.A.10.06.192925,00unsold
1340Rover Company Ltd.18.08.1919800,00unsold
1341Rudge Whitworth (Foreign) Ltd.10.08.189780,00unsold
1342S.A. André Citroën02.07.192750,00unsold
1343S.A. André Citroën16.01.193650,00unsold
1344S.A. André Citroën16.01.1936100,00unsold
1345S.A. André Citroën26.09.193650,00unsold
1346S.A. André Citroën01.01.193775,00unsold
1347S.A. André Citroën01.01.1960100,00unsold
1348S.A. Austin15.10.192330,0030,00
1349S.A. “Automobilul” (S.A. “L’Automobile”)01.01.190950,00unsold
1350S.A. Belge d‘Exploitation d‘Autos-Chenilles27.06.192750,00unsold
1351S.A. Belge d‘Exploitation d‘Autos-Chenilles03.08.192850,00unsold
1352S.A. Belge des Automobiles Auburn29.11.192550,00unsold
1353S.A. Belge des Automobiles Auburn29.11.192550,00unsold
1354S.A. Cuprense Servizi Automobili12.12.1909100,00100,00
1355S.A. Cuprense Servizi Automobili10.05.1911100,00unsold
1356S.A. Cuprense Servizi Automobili10.05.1918100,00unsold
1357S.A. de Automoviles La Baztandarra15.05.191450,0070,00
1358S.A. de Automoviles La Baztandarra15.05.191450,0080,00
1359S.A. de Construction et de Vente d‘Automobiles (Agence exclusive des Automobiles Marque T.A.M.)30.06.1920100,00unsold
1360S.A. del Nuovo Motore Barsanti Matteucci01.01.18581.500,00unsold
1361S.A. des Anciens Ateliers P. Sage13.01.189950,00unsold
1362S.A. des Anciens Ateliers Vinot & Deguingand15.03.191975,00unsold
1363S.A. des Anciens Etablissements HOTCHKISS & Cie.23.10.193450,00unsold
1364S.A. des Anciens Établissements Panhard et Levasso01.01.195050,00300,00
1365S.A. des anciens Etablissements Skoda01.07.193025,0030,00
1366S.A. des anciens Etablissements Skoda à Plzen01.01.192075,0075,00
1367S.A. des anciens Etablissements Skoda à Plzen15.03.192275,00unsold
1368S.A. des Ateliers Germain22.01.1898150,00unsold
1369S.A. des Ateliers H. P. Déchamps (Automobiles et Mécanique de précision)01.02.190050,00unsold
1370S.A. des Auto-Transports du Pied du Jura Vaudois06.08.1920100,00unsold
1371S.A. des Automobiles de la Buire08.05.1905100,00unsold
1372S.A. des Automobiles Delaunay Belleville01.07.1917100,00unsold
1373S.A. des Automobiles L. Rosengart01.10.192950,00unsold
1374S.A. des Automobiles “Le Zèbre”05.01.191950,00unsold
1375S.A. des Automobiles “Le Zèbre”26.07.191950,00unsold
1376S.A. des Automobiles Peugeot16.01.1929300,00300,00
1377S.A. des Engrenages Citroën “Chersternia Citroën”01.01.1912200,00200,00
1378S.A. des Établissements Delaunay Belleville15.05.191875,00unsold
1379S.A. des Établissements Delaunay Belleville07.11.193160,00unsold
1380S.A. des Établissements Delaunay Belleville24.03.193750,00unsold
1381S.A. des Établissements Delaunay Belleville11.05.193925,00unsold
1382S.A. des Établissements L. Blériot10.07.192375,00unsold
1383S.A. des Éts. "GRÜMMER" Carrosserie Automobile15.05.192060,0060,00
1384S.A. des Éts. "GRÜMMER" Carrosserie Automobile15.05.1920100,00unsold
1385S.A. des Ets. Montauban & Marchandier Constructions Mécaniques & Automobiles20.05.1901100,00unsold
1386S.A. des Moteurs Dansett-Gillet22.02.1911100,00unsold
1387S.A. des Moteurs et Automobiles “Herald”05.05.190350,00unsold
1388S.A. des nouveaux Éts. SIZAIRE & NAUDIN01.01.1912150,00unsold
1389S.A. des Usines Delin Cycles Automobiles Moteurs20.03.1898100,00unsold
1390S.A. des Usines Delin Cycles Automobiles Moteurs20.03.189860,00unsold
1391S.A. des Usines Lontie31.12.189875,00unsold
1392S.A. des Usines RENAULT21.03.19231.000,00unsold
1393S.A. des Usines RENAULT31.03.19411.000,00unsold
1394S.A. des Voitures Automobiles “RIP”01.01.190750,00unsold
1395S.A. di Costruzioni Elettriche e Meccaniche (Gia Turrinelli & Co.)30.06.1908100,00unsold
1396S.A. Espanola de Automoviles Darracq18.02.190750,00unsold
1397S.A. Espanola de Automoviles Darracq18.02.190750,00unsold
1398S.A. Espanola de Automóviles Lancia14.07.193460,0060,00
1399S.A. Espanola de Automóviles Lancia14.07.193450,00unsold
1400S.A. Francaise des Cycles Clément & Gladiator01.02.1924120,00unsold
1401S.A. Francaise des Transports Automobiles du Caucase24.02.191080,00unsold
1402S.A. Frera01.11.1919150,00150,00
1403S.A. Frera15.10.1925200,00unsold
1404S.A. Frera31.12.1925150,00150,00 n
1405S.A. Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo & C.07.02.1929300,00440,00
1406S.A. „La Charrue automobile“ Henri Amiot01.02.192060,00unsold
1407S.A. La Sud Americana de Automóviles07.03.1912500,00unsold
1408S.A. Ligure Romana per la Fabbricazione Rotabili Avantreni Motori01.01.19081.000,00unsold
1409S.A. Mécanique-Automobile SOMEA (2 Stücke)50,00unsold
1410S.A. Omnibus e Vetture24.04.1906200,00unsold
1411S.A. per il Commercio e l'Industria di Automobili, Velocipedi e Pezzi per Costruzione e Ricambio Fabbre & Gagliardi01.01.1906300,00360,00
1412S.A.R.A. Société des Automobiles à Refroidissement par Air28.07.192475,0080,00
1413S.A.T.A.M. S.A. pour Tous Appareillages Mécaniques15.09.192675,00unsold
1414S.p.A. Fabbrica Automobili e Velocipedi Edoardo Bianchi18.05.1955100,00unsold
1415S.S. Cars Ltd.29.01.1937300,00420,00
1416S.T.D. Motors, Ltd.01.09.193360,00unsold
1417SAAB-SCANIA AB15.06.197350,00unsold
1418Safety-First Appliances Co.18.03.191850,00unsold
1419Saxon Motor Car Corp.12.11.1919180,00unsold
1420Saxon Motor Car Corp.03.08.192275,00unsold
1421Scharf Gearless Motor Car Co.03.07.191350,0055,00
1422Schlesische Motorwagen-AG25.11.192450,00unsold
1423Scott Motor Cycle Company, Ltd.26.01.1925300,00unsold
1424Scott Two-Stroke Motor Co.14.05.1928100,00unsold
1425Security Automobile Lock Co.12.03.1917180,00unsold
1426Selve-Automobilwerke AG01.11.1928200,00unsold
1427Service Motor Truck Co.29.11.1920200,00unsold
1428SEVITAME Soc. d‘Exploitation de Vehicles Issus de la Technique Automobile Moderne Économique S.A.30.12.1937100,00unsold
1429Sibley Motors Car Co.10.05.1910240,00unsold
1430Siclair Motors Inc.21.02.1920180,00unsold
All prices are in Euro

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